25 Quick and Easy Seafood Recipes

No need to save fish and seafood recipes for special occasions. These quick and easy seafood dinner ideas—grilled shrimp, grilled salmon, fish tacos, fish sandwiches, and more—are doable enough to DIY on a weeknight.

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    Seared Salmon with Pistachio Gremolata

    Single-serving salmon fillets sear up quickly in a skillet (just six minutes!). While this easy dinner recipe is short on prep time, it sure isn't short on flavor becasue it's topped with a vibrant herb-and-pistachio gremolata.

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    Fish and Chips

    For the ultimate pub grub at home, fry up potatoes and beer-battered fish. Each batch will be finished in about 10 minutes—much quicker than your restaurant order.

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    Fish Tacos with Roasted Tomato Salsa

    While the fish grills—inside on a pan or outside over a fire—char some tomatoes and onions in the oven for the simple homemade salsa. That sauce is the secret to make these grilled fish tacos taste just as mouthwatering as the kind you order from a taco truck!

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    Grilled Herb Scallops with Balsamic Syrup

    Skip the restaurant and make this fancy entree of balsamic-drizzled grilled scallops at home. For an extra gourmet touch, wrap each scallop in a slice of bacon or prosciutto just before cooking.

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    Roasted Asparagus, Fish, and Bay Leaves

    You'll love the ease of this one-pan roasted whitefish recipe with plenty of fresh summer veggies. Come fall and winter, try the same preparation with small cubes of butternut squash, potatoes, and cauliflower instead of asparagus and tomatoes.

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    Striped Bass en Brodo

    Bass, halibut, and red snapper are all perfect for poaching in this light white wine and fresh tomato sauce. Serve with crusty bread to soak up every last drop of broth.

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    Shrimp, Couscous, and Melon Salad

    For a fast and fresh take on pasta salad, toss together Israeli couscous, cool shrimp, and crisp veggies with a tangy citrus vinaigrette. Using leftover grains, you can make this quick and easy seafood recipe with zero cooking time.

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    Grilled Salmon and Leeks with Rosemary-Mustard Butter

    Grill both the entree (salmon) and the side dish (leeks) for a speedy seafood supper that will heat up your weeknight dinner routine without heating up your kitchen.

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    Crab and Asparagus Frittata

    Stir fresh or canned crabmeat into a skillet full of eggs, cheese, veggies, and herbs for a fast-fix meal that works for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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    Halibut with Eggplant Peperonata

    Steamed halibut is the perfect light counterpart to the Mediterranean-inspired eggplant and sweet pepper saute.

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    Parmesan-Crusted Cod with Garlicky Summer Squash

    Seek out sheet-pan recipes—like this panko-breaded cod—for a hands-off meal that essentially prepares itself. Slice a baguette to serve on the side, and dinner is done.

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    Pacific Northwest Fried Rice

    Instead of chicken or pork, this unique fried rice recipe gets a dose of protein from sauteed salmon. Serve with a lemon wedge for the full seafood dinner experience.

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    Ahi-Mango Ceviche

    Though it takes a couple hours for the sashimi-grade tuna to marinate, almost all of the time required for this restaurant-worthy ceviche is hands-off.

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    Fish Tacos with Lime Sauce

    Tuck crispy tilapia, cabbage, carrots, and sliced jalapeno into warm tortillas for a fun twist on tacos.

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    Lemon-Caper Tuna and Noodles

    A splash of lemon juice adds brightness to this comforting pasta dish. Crushed croutons give it crunch.

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    Shrimp with Peppers and Corn

    Chile-seasoned tomatoes and smoky cumin spice up this one-dish dinner.

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    Maple-Bourbon Glazed Salmon

    Maple syrup, orange juice, bourbon, and chopped pecans put a sweet spin on good-for-you salmon.

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    Coconut Shrimp with Mango Sauce

    For a quick meal your family will love, dip coconut shrimp into our zippy mango sauce.

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    Shrimp Boil on a Stick

    In less than an hour, you can serve these kabobs that feature your favorite shrimp boil flavors—jumbo shrimp, sweet corn, new potatoes, and sausage.

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    Salmon Burgers

    Coat salmon in a spiced mixture of panko bread crumbs to create a burger that sizzles. Lime-spiked mayo and red onion add pizzazz.

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    Potato Chip Fish

    Trade salty, crunchy potato chip crumbs for cornmeal for the crispiest, crunchiest catch of the day. (Or, if you'd rather snack on the chips than cook with them, you could try this pan-fried fish recipe with crushed saltine crackers instead!)

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    Tuna Focaccia

    A spicy-sweet spread of cream cheese and Asian chili sauce adds a kick to these easy pita sandwiches.

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    Barbecued Salmon with Corn Relish

    For a budget-friendly meal, top grilled salmon with barbecue sauce and serve with grilled corn, jalapeno peppers, and sweet peppers.

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    Grilled Shrimp and Pineapple Skewers

    Before they hit the grill, brush shrimp and pineapple skewers with orange marmalade and soy sauce, which also flavor the easy cilantro rice.

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    Ginger Shrimp and Rice

    This Asian-inspired shrimp and rice dish is topped with green onions and an irresistible mango chutney.

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