Creative Paella Recipes

Skillet Chicken and Shrimp Paella
Paella, a classic rice dish from Spain made with meat, seafood, and vegetables, is often served family-style. We've got new takes on classic paella including paella salad, paella in the slow cooker, and even paella on the grill. Try a quick weeknight version, or whip up a classic paella for friends.

Mixed Seafood Paella

A trio of fresh seafood is the star of this take on classic paella. We use a mix of squid, clams, and mussels, but feel free to customize the recipe with your favorite seafood. Finish the dish with fresh tomatoes and green onions. 

Speedy Paella

Yes, you can have weeknight paella. Speedy shortcuts like frozen rice and veggies plus fast-cooking seafood mean this dish is on the table in under 10 minutes. 

Quick Chicken Paella

We've swapped paella's classic rice for quick-cooking Israeli couscous. It's ready in just 5 minutes -- perfect for getting this dish on the table any night of the week.

Make-It-Mine Paella-Style Rice

We give you the basic paella rice recipe; you customize it with any toppings you like. 

Kale and Mushroom Paella

This vegetarian paella is big on flavor thanks to garlic, poblano chile, and sweet smoked paprika. We've also tossed in kale, mushrooms, and eggs for a hearty main dish.

Paella-Style Stuffing

This chorizo-spiked stuffing is best served warm from the oven. In a hurry? Don't worry -- we've got a handy make-ahead option.

Grilled Paella

Make something more interesting than burgers for your next barbecue. We'll show you how to prep, pack, and prepare this delicious one-pan meal on the grill. 

Pacific Salmon Paella

Create a meal worthy of a dinner party without any of the dishes! This one-pan paella is filled with favorites like crispy bacon, salmon, and asparagus. 

Pork and Butternut Squash Paella

You'll fall for this in-season paella. It's loaded with autumn's best flavors like sage, butternut squash, and pork tenderlion. Roasting the squash before adding it to the dish gives it big flavor.

Golden Green Paella

The gold? Turmeric. The green? A bunch of fresh veggies including sweet peas, peppers, and green onions. Top each bowl with fresh chopped parsley. 

Paella with Chicken and Shrimp

For a weeknight paella that's ready when you are, turn to your trusty slow cooker. 

Turkey Paella Salad

There's no lettuce in this main dish salad, but it is full of veggies like tomato, broccoli, and sweet peppers. Keep it weeknight fast with a package of premade saffron rice. 

Shortcut Paella

The secret to this shortcut? A bottle of marinara sauce. It gives this shrimp and rice dinner slow cooked flavor in no time at all. 

You can buy shrimp that's already peeled and deveined, but you'll pay less for your shrimp if you do it yourself. It takes a little patience and time, but it's not hard.

How-To: Peeling & Deveining Shrimp

Grilled Paella

A paella pan on the grill is our favorite way to impart a subtle smokiness to the classic rice dish. 

Skillet Chicken and Shrimp Paella

Made with brown rice and lean chicken, this healthy version of paella is still big on flavor thanks to onions, peppers, and garlic. 

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