20 Slow Cooker Mexican Favorites

From enchiladas and fajitas to tacos and burritos, these flavorful slow cooker Mexican recipes will top your list of family dinner favorites.

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    Pulled Pork Enchiladas

    Let your slow cooker cook pulled pork to tender, flavorful perfection. Then simply assemble the enchiladas and bake -- in 30 minutes, your new favorite Mexican recipe will be ready to enjoy.

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    Chicken Fajita Chili

    Freshen up your old chili recipe by tossing in a kaleidoscope of vibrant peppers, onions, and cannellini beans. Stir in fajita seasoning and a blend of spices for a mouthwatering kick. 

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    Shredded Pork Tacos

    Forget fast-food joints! Preparing tasty tacos has never been easier with our slow-cooked version. Save 10 minutes for prep, then simmer chile-rubbed pork in a bubbly bowl of sweet root beer, adobo sauce, and peppers. Scoop the filling into soft tortillas, toss on the toppings, and enjoy!

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    Mango-Chicken Tinga

    We love how many ways we can eat up this smoky Mango-Chicken Tinga. Use it as a filling for burritos or tortas, or add it to huevos rancheros for a coastal-inspired breakfast. Every option is tasty!

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    Vegetable Chili con Queso

    Plunge a handful of crunchy tortilla chips into a party-perfect dip. Our chunky garlic version is made with a blend of Colby and Monterey Jack cheeses, hearty beans, and zucchini.

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    Cola-Chipotle Pork Tortas

    Who knew a can of fizzy cola and quick-pickled red onions could create a sandwich as scrumptious as this? We added chipotle peppers and creamy avocado to balance the hot and cool flavors.

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    Tinga Poblana

    Another delicious twist on tinga, this extra-hearty version shows off some spice with adobo-covered chipotle peppers and Mexican oregano. Garnish with queso fresco for creamy, fresh flavor.

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    Jerk Pork Wraps with Lime Mayo

    Bring the whole family together with these one-of-a-kind wraps. They're fun to make and delicious to eat. Top with a homemade lime mayo featuring crunchy red onion and a whole lot of zest.

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    How to Make Pork in a Slow Cooker

    Make flavorful pork tacos with the help of your slow cooker. Watch our demo for the ultimate secrets to sucess.

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    Lamb Birria with Barley and Dried Plums

    Set out your crock and get cookin'! This slow-cooked spicy stew is a must-have for any festive get-together. Serve with crispy golden tortilla strips, diced tomato, and lime wedges for a lively bowl of Mexican goodness.

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    Sopa de Albondigas

    So you've got the savory but want some sweet? Add dried cranberries and your choice of peach, pineapple, or mango salsa to brighten up this meatball soup; then top with sliced green onions for bits of crunch.

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    Pork Ribs in Mole Verde

    Mole verde is the star of sauces when it comes to Mexican cuisine. It combines tomatillos, onion, honey, and -- of course -- green chiles for a smooth and delicious rib glaze.

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    Slow-Cooked Beef Pozole

    Our savory beef pozole is one of the heartiest soups your spoon will ever meet. Filled with potatoes, onions, corn, and a plethora of other fresh veggies, this bubbly stew is the essence of delicious Mexican dining.

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    Pibil-Style Pork Ribs

    We like our ribs a little feisty. That's why we've coated them in so many ultra-hot seeds and spices. To help the mixture stick, we covered the ribs in a lime-orange juice that provides tropical taste, while a splash of tequila lends a touch of subtle depth to the dish.

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    Green Chile-Pork Posole

    This flavorful rendition of posole is a thick, hearty Mexican soup traditionally served as a main course at Christmas. But you don't need to wait until the holidays to enjoy this dish -- it's delicious year-round.

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    Beef and Chipotle Burritos

    Chipotle chile peppers lend a smoky flavor to this beef-burrito main dish. Suit your taste by adjusting the amount of peppers.

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    Mexican Meatball Stew

    The meatballs hail from Italy, but the spicy sauce is definitely Mexican. Together they make a hearty and comforting supper.

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    Mexican Tacos Carnitas

    Fork-tender pork roast seasoned with Mexican spices will make these tacos a new family favorite for dinner.

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    Chili Verde

    This traditional Mexican chili features pork, tomatillos, white beans, chile peppers, and a topping of sour cream and fresh cilantro.

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    Cheesy Mexican Fondue

    Spice up your next party with this fondue that uses two cheeses, roasted red peppers, green chile peppers, and tomatoes.

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    Chicken Tortilla Soup

    There's no need to measure lots of herbs and spices for this tasty soup -- they're already in the chicken broth and Mexican-style tomatoes.

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