Homemade corn tortillas are so much better than store-bought. Spice up your next Mexican meal with colorful flavored tortillas. Our two-ingredient corn tortilla recipe features three colorful variations. No artificial dyes or ingredients here -- we're using all-natural ingredients to color these stunning (and delicious!) tortillas.


DIY Colored Tortillas

Your next taco night will be a whole lot more colorful with this trio of corn tortillas. We use all-natural ingredients to create these delicious wraps. Get our two-ingredient recipe for homemade tortillas including variations for red, green, and yellow. 


Beet Tortillas

Beet juice gives these tortillas a stunning ruby hue. All it takes is a can of sliced beets packed in water. 

Get the complete recipe here.

Cilantro Tortillas

Add flavor and fresh green color to your next batch of tortillas with cilantro. Simply blend the entire bunch (stems and all!) with water -- it's that easy!

Get the complete recipe here.

Chipotle Tortillas

Adobo sauce from a can of chipotle peppers gives these yellow tortillas plenty of spice. Use the chipotle peppers when making your taco filling.

Get the complete recipe here.

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Use Homemade Tortillas!

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