Guacamole Recipes

Roasted Pumpkin Guacamole
Craving the bold taste of guacamole? You've come to the right place. We love traditional guacamole, but if you're ready for a new twist, we've cooked up some fun and inventive guacamole recipes to get your party started.

Pineapple-Black Bean Guacamole

For a guac that truly rocks, playing with ingredients is key. We love the savory and fruity combo of black beans and fresh pineapple mixed with mashed avocado. Green salsa gives this guacamole recipe a saucier texture, making it a great topper for grilled chicken.

Papaya-Pomegranate Guacamole

With a couple of extra ingredients, you can transform classic guacamole into a fruity dip worthy of your next get-together. Juicy pomegranate seeds and chopped papaya make every bite burst with tart and sweet tropical flavors.

Chunky Guacamole

For the guacamole taste you know and love, try our classic blend of fresh tomato and creamy avocado flavored with garlic, lime, and onion. If you're ready to upgrade, add sour cream and jalapeno for an extra-bold dipper.

Cheese and Almond Guacamole

A pair of savory add-ins -- creamy goat cheese and sliced almonds -- makes this guacamole recipe a cut above the rest. The almonds add a light crunch while tangy goat cheese perks up the mild flavor of avocado.

Make chunky gaucamole with the help of perfectly ripe avocados (we show you how to identify them), easy avocado prep (check out our cutting tips), and the right mashing technique (we demonstrate our plastic bag method). Get started!

Easy Tips for Party-Perfect Guacamole

If you want delicious guacamole, it's all about the avocados. Our video will show you how to choose the best ones and how to add them to your favorite dip.

Hot and Chunky Guacamole

Studded with sliced jalapeno peppers, this spicy guac isn't for the faint of heart. To cool things off and add a fun texture to the mix, we included shelled green peas. They bring a smidge of sweetness to the dip and blend perfectly with the avocados.

Great Guacamole

What makes this guacamole great? Minced jalapenos add fire to each bite for a spicy upgrade to a classic guacamole recipe. Complement the heat by dipping with sweet potato chips.

Skinny Guacamole

At just 29 calories per serving, you can afford a few dips of this skinny guacamole recipe. And the flavor is worth shouting about -- the mouthwatering blend of lemon, chile pepper, and smooth avocado is just begging for tortilla chips.

Smoky Pineapple Guacamole

Grilling pineapple and avocado slices makes all the difference in this guacamole recipe. The hint of smoky flavor takes a great guacamole over the top. For an easy meal idea, try serving this chunky, tropical-style guac with shredded pork tacos.

Wasabi Ginger Guacamole

If you're a fan of Asian flavors, you'll flip for this ginger-spiced guacamole recipe. It's so easy to make, too: Just add wasabi powder and freshly grated ginger to classic guac, and get dipping!

Basil Guacamole

We took a classic guacamole recipe to new heights with the lightly sweet flavor of basil. Combined with tangy onion and zippy lime juice, it creates a layered, restaurant-worthy flavor that you can enjoy any day.

Mango-Jicama Guacamole

For a lively crunch that doesn't quit, we added jicama, a Mexican root vegetable, to our guacamole recipe. A one-two punch of chile peppers and lush chopped mango adds pops of spicy sweetness.

Roasted Red Pepper Guacamole

Want to make guacamole easier? Forget the mashing and leave it chunky. The bold texture is the perfect backdrop for smoky roasted peppers and a double dose of spicy: jalapeno and cayenne.

Crab Guacamole

Add a little coastal flair to your guacamole recipe with lime-zested crabmeat. The delicate shellfish beefs up the side and adds just the right amount of salty Gulf flavor.

Roasted Pumpkin Guacamole

Say hello to a totally new take on guacamole. This rich, cumin-spiced recipe features the nutty taste of pumpkin and a fiery red jalapeno. The boldly flavored guac might just be your new favorite condiment.

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