Gyro Recipes You Can (Almost) Eat with One Hand

Smoky Lamb Gyros
You can't quite eat these gyros one-handed, but you might get close. We packed all of favorite fillings—lamb, chicken, veggies, yogurt sauce, and hummus—into pitas and flatbreads to make fresh gyro recipes that are ready for lunch or dinner. We even put a couple of twists on this classic recipe for true gyro-lovers. Pass the cucumber-yogurt sauce!

Homemade Gyros with Watermelon-Feta Salad

You'll have to be patient while the lamb and bacon filling for these gyros bakes, but we promise it's worth the wait. Plus, you can freeze the cooked meat for up to 3 months, so make a big batch and there won't be any waiting the next time your cravings strike.

Pesto Veggie Gyro

Calling all vegetarians: We made this gyro recipe just for you! Grilled Halloumi cheese, zucchini, and red peppers make a super-delish meatless filling, and a spoonful of homemade pesto keeps these folded flatbreads extra fresh.

Grilled Turkey Gyros

Make gyros the healthy way by combining grilled turkey burgers with fresh cucumber and tomato. A super-light and fresh cucumber-yogurt sauce makes these pitas even more delicious—perfect for a low-cal lunch or dinner!

One-Pan Chicken Flatbreads

Skip the frozen food aisle—these flatbreads use all fresh veggies. Before adding the chicken and veggie filling, add a smear of garlic hummus and Greek yogurt to each toasted flatbread to give these gyros a creamy finish.

Greek Lamb Wraps

If pitas and flatbreads aren't for you, these lamb gyros are a little more flexible—literally! You can completely wrap up these meat- and veggie-filled gyros in flour tortillas so all the deliciousness stays inside.

Mini Gyro Burgers with Watermelon-Feta Salad

Sick of sad desk lunches? Make these gyro burgers in advance, then tote them to work for a lunch wrap that's way better than a limp salad.

Homemade Gyros

That's right—you can satisfy your gyro cravings at home! To give the meat its signature gyro crispiness, refrigerate overnight after baking, then reheat in your skillet with a drizzle of olive oil. Just add a spread of yogurt and your veggies, and these gyros are ready to eat!

Lemony Lamb Pitas

Turn ordinary pita rounds into pita pockets with just a few quick cuts. Then, once your pocket is ready, fill it with as much lemon-seasoned lamb, cucumber-yogurt sauce, and fresh veggies as you want.

Gyro Nachos with Tzatziki Sauce

You can definitely scoop up these gyro nachos with one hand! Slow-cook chicken thighs with an easy seasoning blend, then serve with pita chips and creamy tzatziki sauce to put a shareable, party-ready twist on classic gyros.

Smoky Lamb Gyros

This is definitely one of our favorite gyro fillings! You can't miss the flavor combo of tender smoked lamb and tzatziki sauce. While these gyros will give your spice rack a workout—we used eight different spices for the rub—each bite makes it so worth it.

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