Fabulous French Desserts

Want to wow your guests with sophisticated and exquisite French desserts? From lavish pastries to airy souffles, we'll show you how to make our favorite delicious French dessert recipes.

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    Raspberry Creme Brulee

    These vanilla-based French custards get a tasty surprise when you bake fresh fruit inside. Bake until tops are golden brown and garnish with a handful of berries.

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    French Market Beignets

    The word "beignet" is French for "fritter." Originally developed in New Orleans, these delightful bite-size treats are embellished with a generous dusting of powdered sugar.

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    Chocolate Puffs with Mascarpone Cream

    A dash of rose syrup adds a light sweetness to the mascarpone filling in these decadent chocolate French desserts. Drizzle with melted bittersweet chocolate and dig in.

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    Lemon-Blackberry Mini Tarts

    Enjoy the exquisite flavor and color of fresh blackberries and bright lemon in this dainty dessert often found in French patisseries. Store-bought piecrust and lemon curd help these homemade versions come together in a flash.

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    Lemon Crepes

    These bright lemon crepes gain sophistication when served with fresh fruit and mascarpone. Mascarpone is a soft, buttery cow's milk cheese—perfect for adding just a hint of mild sweetness in every bite.

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    Coeurs a la Creme with Apricot Sauce

    This classic dessert (which translates as "heart with cream") is made in a perforated heart-shape mold. Similar to cheesecake (without the crumb crust), it's topped with a sweet drizzle of apricot sauce.

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    French Macarons

    These tender, traditional confections are made with almond and powdered sugar, lending them a subtle sweetness that's nicely offset by a tart filling of lemon curd or raspberry jam.

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    How to Make Chocolate Ganache

    Ganache is a rich, creamy chocolate topping that originated in France and is generally used to decorate all kinds of desserts. Learn how to create the perfect chocolate ganache.

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    Lemon Souffle Dessert

    The word souffle comes from the French verb souffler roughly meaning "to puff up"—describing precisely what happens to the combination of custard and egg whites in this airy dessert. Here, delicate lemon cake tops a layer of lemon pudding for a zesty finish.

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    Ginger-Pear Galette

    Frozen puff pastry makes a flaky crust similar to traditional French tarts or galettes. Choose slightly underripe Anjou or Bosc pears for this elegant dessert.

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    White Chocolate Creme Brulee

    Sophisticated creme brulee gets even richer when infused with creamy white chocolate. To eat, simply crack through the thin sugar crust of this popular French dessert with a spoon.

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    Cocoa-Hazelnut Macarons

    Light-as-air cocoa-hazelnut macarons sandwich a sweet chocolate-hazelnut spread in these French confections. The best part? The macarons freeze for up to three months, so you can serve them whenever the occasion calls.


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    White Chocolate-Cherry Cream Puffs

    Cream puffs, known in France as profiteroles or choux a la creme, are a delicious and easy dessert for any occassion. Simply use your favorite filling and dip in chocolate -- here we've used a sweet vanilla-cherry mixture.

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    Madeleine Cookies with Vanilla Bean Buttercream

    Madeleines are very small traditional French sweets with a distinctive shell-like shape. The rich flavor of real vanilla bean perfectly complements these buttery sponge cake cookies.

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    Raspberry and Vanilla Stack Cake

    Layers of sweet raspberry jelly and cream take airy sponge cake remnicsent of traditional genoise to the next level. Genoise is considered a building block of French bakeries and is used for making several kinds of cakes and desserts.

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    Double-Deck Pot de Creme

    This rich and creamy custardlike dessert has layers of both dark and white chocolate. For an extra element of decadence, add white chocolate shavings. For a traditional French finish, serve in tiny (about 3-ounce) pot-shape cups.

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    Champagne Cake with Fresh Strawberries

    This chic cake starts with a purchased cake mix that's mixed with champagne instead of water. True champagne (as opposed to sparkling wine) is from the Champagne region of France and goes through a highly regulated process.

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    Chocolate Ganache Souffles

    With just four ingredients, these mini souffles are actually quite simple to prepare. Present them with a luscious mound of whipped cream, and watch your dinner guests swoon.

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    Orange-Basil Sorbet

    Sorbet is French for "sherbet." In this tasty version, the zesty orange flavor is accented with a minty kick of basil. It makes a perfectly light dessert and looks beautiful served in hollowed-out orange halves.

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