French Recipes

If you love French food but are slightly intimidated by the thought of making it at home, then worry no more. We have everything you need to plan the perfect French menu for a simple meal with family or a stunning dinner party with friends. We'll provide some simple twists to classic main dish recipes and show you how easy it is to prepare your favorite French desserts. Whether you're looking for chicken, pork, or a meatless meal, we have a recipe that will satisfy all tastes including an elegant chicken cordon bleu or delicious pork cassoulet. If you're all about convenience, then try our ratatouille or coq au vin that we've adapted to the slow cooker for the perfect stress-free meal. But when it comes to French cuisine, it's all about the exquisite sweet endings, and our desserts certainly won't disappoint. We have recipes for creme brulee, cream puffs, mini tarts, crepes, souffles, cookies, cakes, sorbet, plus much more. We'll even show you how to make a silky chocolate ganache that will easily dress up your cakes, cookies, tortes, bars, and brownies.

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Ratatouille Cassoulet

Two iconic French dishes meet in one: Layer summer vegetables and crispy bread crumbs over white beans simmered in tomato sauce, and bake until the dish is bubbly and the top is browned and crusty. Mmm, mmm.

One-Pot Pork Cassoulet

This slow-cooked dish hails from France's Languedoc region. Although it varies according to preference and location, it typically includes a mixture of white beans and various meats, such as sausage, pork, and/or duck.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Soup

The stuffed chicken entrée turns into a comforting bowl of soup in this easy recipe. The Dijon-style mustard gives the cheesy soup a nice tangy finish.

Pan Bagnat

Look at this beautiful lunch sandwich! Doesn't it look like it came from a deli? Create the recipe at home with only 7 ingredients.

Corn Bread Donuts with Fried Chicken

Not all donuts are sweet! Savory corn bread donuts taste incredible paired with hot fried chicken.

Pressure Cooker Smoky Cassoulet

This yummy cassoulet goes from dried beans to delicious dinner in just under an hour. It's packed with navy beans, kielbasa, and pancetta, so you definitely won't go to bed hungry.

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Canned Summer Vegetable Ratatouille

Enjoy your summer bounty all year long thanks to pressure canning a delicious ratatouille recipe. Serve it as a side, pasta sauce, or with bread as an appetizer, it's so versatile!

French Chicken Dinner in a Pot

Yes, this French dinner really does cook in just one pot! Lemon and tarragon add delicious flavor, and cooking with carrots and new potatoes makes this one-pot dish into an entire meal.

11 Macaron Recipes That Make the Case for Best. Cookie. Ever.

Macarons (the meringue-based sandwich cookies sometimes called French macarons, not coconut macaroons) are adorable sandwich cookies perfect for bridal showers, birthdays, or really anytime a cute cookie recipe is in order. The airy cookies are made of whipped egg whites and sugar (and often nuts) and filled with all kinds of things, such as fruity jamlike flavors or creamy peanut butter fillings. You can customize macaron recipes any way, but here are 11 ideas to get you started.