Wok Accessories

Follow our guide and pick the right match for your wok.
These accessories can help make using your wok easier.
  • Spatula: An essential tool for stir-frying is a long-handled utensil used for keeping the food in motion over the heat. A Chinese spatula has a wide, slightly curved metal blade that is perfect for the job. Another option is a wooden spoon or spatula. To avoid damaging the nonstick surface of the wok, use a wooden spoon or spatula.
  • Deep-Fat Frying Thermometer: The temperature of the fat is the single most important factor in successful deep-fat frying, and a thermometer helps you monitor it. However, not all deep-fat frying thermometers are suited for use in woks. Choose a thermometer that is long enough to clip on the side of the wok, but made so the bulb doesn't touch the wok's edge.
  • Steamer Rack: Steamer racks are made from many different materials and are available in a variety of styles and sizes. The purpose of a steamer rack, and what makes it essential for steaming, is that it holds food over simmering water, allowing steam to surround and cook it. Classic bamboo steamer racks can be stacked to cook several foods at the same time. These racks have their own snug lids, so you don't need to use the wok lid. Other steamer racks, including the kinds most commonly packaged with woks, are simply flat, metal rounds that settle part way down the wok's sides.
  • Wok Rack: This semicircular or doughnut-shape wire rack hangs from the sides of a wok. Use it when you deep-fat fry to drain the food and keep it warm. The advantage of this rack is that excess oil drains off the food and returns to the wok.
  • Wire-Mesh Strainer: When frying in hot oil, a wire-mesh strainer is perfect for removing the cooked food from the hot oil. The wire mesh allows the oil to drip off the food, and the wooden handles helps protect your hand from intense heat. If you don't have a wire strainer, use a long-handled slotted spoon.
  • Chopsticks: Commonly used as eating utensils, chopsticks also are used in Oriental kitchens for stirring and cooking. Use bamboo or wooden chopsticks in food preparation.
  • Tongs: Whether they're the wooden ones sometimes packaged with a wok or the metal ones found in most household kitchens, tongs are useful for removing fried foods from hot oil or steamed foods from a steamer rack.
  • Bamboo Brush: A bamboo brush, known as a gentle Oriental scouring pad, is the perfect utensil for cleaning your wok. But you don't have one, use a loofah sponge or a nylon or plastic scrubber instead. Don't use any abrasive pad or cleaner that could damage nonstick or seasoned surfaces.


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