Where to Find Sesame Tahini Paste

If you like hummus, you've probably heard of sesame tahini paste. But it can be difficult to locate this ingredient when a recipe calls for it. Here's where to find sesame tahini paste when shopping.

Tahini is a thick paste made of ground sesame seeds used in Middle Eastern dishes like hummus (try some of our delicious hummus recipes) or tahini sauce. It can be found in most large supermarkets -- check the condiments aisle near specialty olives or in the ethnic foods department. If you can't locate it, ask your store representative for help -- they'll be happy to direct you to the right location. Some smaller grocery stores may not carry this product.

Try the Red Lentil Hummus shown above.

Easy-to-make hummus offers a low-calorie option for snack time (bonus: It's gluten-free!). See how to make it in your food processor in seconds.


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