16 Reasons to Love Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha sauce is hot right now. Literally. The irresistible Asian chili sauce can be added to everything from pasta and vegetables to salads and breakfast dishes. Although there are a million reasons to love sriracha sauce, we thought we'd give you these 16 to start.

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    #1: Makes Vegetables Taste Amazing

    Don't like vegetables? Drench them in sriracha. Problem solved! Plain broiled bok choy (a Chinese cabbage) turns into a full throttle side dish with just a drizzle of sriracha-infused miso sauce. Use it on otherwise modest vegetables and prepare to fall in love.

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    #2: Boosts Plain-Jane Condiments

    Add some sriracha to mayo for a kickin' condiment. Sriracha gives the classic spread a spicy kick, which goes perfectly with our Asian-style salmon burger and cool cabbage slaw.

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    #3: Fires Up Your Taste Buds

    The only thing better than grilled shrimp? Grilled shrimp smothererd in a simple sriracha marinade. These standout seafood-and-veggie skewers get the spicy treatment with a generous brushing of our mayo-sriracha sauce. Don't forget to set aside some sauce for dunking!

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    #4: Amps Up Asian Classics

    Have you tried to re-create take-out favorites at home and the flavor just isn't quite right? You're probably not using sriracha sauce. Mixed with lime juice, brown sugar, fish sauce, and rice vinegar, sriracha adds the perfect amount of heat to classic pad Thai.

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    #5: Makes Tofu Irresistible

    If you don't like tofu, then you've probably never tried it with sriracha. A bit of sriracha sauce heats up our simple, Asian-style tofu marinade in these mouthwatering spring rolls. Save half of the marinade for dipping.

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    #6: Food Editors Love It

    One of our top food editors, Carlos, loves to put sriracha on his scrambled eggs. Check out his other tips for incorporating sriracha into your favorite recipes!

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    #7: Goes with Everything

    And we mean everything. Sriracha sauce with pasta? Of course! The king of Asian chili sauce punches up a creamy peanut butter mixture to create an amazing pasta dish with spiced sweet potatoes and green onions.

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    #8: Livens Up Simple Salad Dressing

    Forget the 2-to-1 oil and balsamic vinegar mix as your go-to salad dressing. Liven up salads -- especially this Asian Chicken Salad -- with a dash of sriracha. If you can stand the heat, drizzle more sriracha on your finished salad, too.

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    #9: Gives You More Reasons to Love Chicken Wings

    Chicken wings are already fabulous, but add sriracha sauce, and you have some seriously tasty drumsticks happening. Add a touch of sriracha to your favorite buffalo wing sauce or try it with sweet mango, creamy coconut milk, and tangy lime juice on our spicy Asian-inspired wings.

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    #10: Makes Fried Rice Taste Amazing

    Even fried rice is not immune to the charms of our spicy friend, sriracha sauce. Stir just a bit into your cooked rice and vegetables for a total flavor makeover. Our favorite recipe calls for 1-2 teaspoons, so if you like your rice extra spicy, opt for the second teaspoon.

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    #11: Kicks Marinades in the Pants

    Your pork chops won't know what hit them after a quick soak in our simple sriracha and peach marinade. Even better, the marinade cooks down and doubles as a zippy glaze that's aah-mazing on grilled peaches and chops.

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    #12: Perfect Match for Mild Soup

    Wake up your mild-mannered soup with a serious boost from sriracha croutons. Slices of bread are brushed with an addicting sriracha butter, then broiled to make the tastiest croutons ever invented. Warning: You'll want to put them on everything!

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    #13: Adds Wow Factor to Noodle Bowls

    Did we mention you can put sriracha sauce on everything? Well, you can. The spicy sauce, mixed with ginger, honey, and sesame oil, is the perfect dressing for traditional soba noodles. Cantaloupe and cucumber cool off each forkful in this flavorful noodle bowl.

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    #14: Breakfast-Friendly

    Sriracha for breakfast? Count us in! Douse hanger steak and eggs with a sriracha-infused sauce and you'll soon want sriracha at every meal, especially breakfast.

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    #15: Gives You a Reason to Eat More Salad

    Skip the ranch and pass the sriracha, please! You'll want to have salad every night when it's served with sriracha dressing. A sweet-and-spicy combo of honey, soy sauce, garlic, and sriracha pairs perfectly with this warm shrimp salad.

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    #16: Turns Tofu into a Meatless Favorite

    Tofu assumes the flavor of whatever it's paired with, and in this recipe, that means bold, sassy sriracha. Mixed with coleslaw and green onions, sriracha makes these meatless tofu lettuce wraps the best you've ever eaten. We promise!

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