Quick and Healthy Curry Recipes You Can Make in Under 45 Minutes

Coconut-Curry Chicken in skillet with lime wedges
Photo: Blaine Moats

Scoring a healthy, flavorful dinner—in 45 minutes or less—is totally possible with these easy curry recipes, each complete with proteins, grains, and veggies. If you thought yellow curry was your only option, think again—many of these dishes incorporate red and green curry (plus curry powder and curry paste) to give you a wide variety of flavors. Check out our best chicken curry recipes, meatless curry recipes, and other flavorful ideas, below.

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Thai Green Curry Chicken

Thai Green Curry Chicken
Kritsada Panichgul

You'll make this easy curry recipe again and again, thanks to the slightly sweet green curry paste sauce and mere 35 minutes it takes to make. Start by stir-frying some veggies, add in bite-size pieces of chicken and sauce, then serve with rice, coconut, and cilantro. Easy as that!

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Chicken Green Curry Noodle Soup

Chicken-Green Curry Noodle Soup
Blaine Moats

If you're feeling so rushed you can't imagine also cooking up a side of rice to serve with your chicken curry recipe, here's an option for you—rice noodles that cook simply by soaking in the soup, no boiling water needed. They're the perfect compliment to a creamy coconut milk and green curry base, while vibrant veggies add color and flavor. The best part? This whole meal is made in a single Dutch oven, minimize cleanup for a quick and easy weeknight meal.

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Chickpea Tikka Masala

bowl of Chickpea Tikka Masala
Jason Donnelly

The unifying element of most curry recipes, no matter their country of origin, is a spiced sauce for the meat or vegetable star of the dish. We swapped the typical chicken-based tikka masala dish into a vegan curry recipe by substituting chickpeas for the usual poultry. Served with hot cooked rice, it makes a hearty dinner with no meat needed.

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Coconut-Curry Chicken

Coconut-Curry Chicken in skillet with lime wedges
Blaine Moats

There's no shredded coconut here—but feel free to take some creative license and add some. The coconut mentioned in the name refers to coconut milk added to this red curry recipe. Coconut milk (and a bit of peanut butter) offset out the bold curry flavor, making this one of our favorite-ever chicken curry recipes. Three kinds of veggies and a scoop of brown rice complete the filling 40-minute meal.

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Thai Green Seafood Curry

Thai Green Curry with Seafood dish
Karla Conrad

Enter: your new favorite way to eat seafood. Shrimp or scallops (or both!) star in this elegant dish, which is made with the usual curry ingredients. Thanks to the quick-cooking seafood and speedy stir-fried veggies, this easy recipe is ready to serve in just about 35 minutes, making it an ideal option for easy weeknight dinners.

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Indonesian-Style Beef and Rice Bowls

Indonesian Beef and Rice Bowl with chopsticks
Andy Lyons

We call it a rice bowl, but with red curry paste, coconut milk, rice, and veggies, it eats very much like a traditional curry recipe. Instead of sautéeing the veggies, this recipe calls for adding them raw, maximizing their crunch and freshness. We used ground beef instead of chicken or pork for a fun take on an easy curry recipe you can whip up in 45 minutes flat.

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Butternut Squash and Chickpea Curry

Chickpea Curry with Butternut Squash
Blaine Moats

Looking to incorporate vegan meals into your diet more often? Ease your way into it with this vegan curry recipe that gets loads of fiber and protein from butternut squash and chickpeas. Combined with vegetables, coconut milk, curry paste, and cilantro, it creates a slightly sweet and spicy meal you'll want to make on repeat.

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Vegetable Fried Rice with Red Curry Nut Sauce

Vegetable Fried Rice with Red Curry Nut Sauce
Andy Lyons

If you're aiming to eat more meatless meals, this filling vegetarian curry recipe is a must-try! Eggs, peanut butter, edamame, and a sprinkling of peanuts help each serving pack in 14 grams of protein.

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Thai Cauliflower Curry

Thai Curry with Cauliflower in blue bowl
Jacob Fox

While fish sauce and chicken broth keep this veggie-forward dish from being totally vegetarian, you could easily swap vegetable broth and soy sauce to make it one of your new favorite vegetarian curry recipes. Cauliflower and zucchini help make the dish heartier—feel free to sprinkle with peanuts for even more texture and protein.

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Coconut-Curry Noodle Bowl

Coconut Curry Noodle Bowl with Broccoli
Andy Lyons

One saucepan is all you need to marry the flavors of veggies, coconut milk, curry powder, spices, and chicken into one savory, soul-warming noodle bowl. Ramen noodles replace the usual rice noodles for a unique twist on a healthy curry recipe that's ready in under a half hour.

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Thai Pork and Vegetable Curry

Thai Pork and Vegetable Curry
Blaine Moats

You choose the curry flavor you like best in this skillet dinner. The recipe simply calls for bottled curry paste, so use what's in your pantry or buy your family's favorite on your next grocery run. Then combine it with succulent pork tenderloin, vegetables, and a side of orzo for a change from the usual rice. Served with lime wedges and sprinkled with herbs, it's a fresh and flavorful treat for a weeknight dinner.

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Mango Chicken Curry Skillet

Mango Chicken Curry Skillet white bowl
Jason Donnelly

This has got to be hands-down one of our easiest chicken curry recipes. Only a handful of ingredients—and about a half hour of time—is all you need to whip up this weeknight wonder that dirties just a single pan. Fresh mango adds delicate sweetness to this healthy curry dish and feels like a treat.

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Coconut Salmon Curry

Coconut-Curry Chicken Stew
Jason Donnelly

Warm up on a chilly day with a bowl of coconut chicken curry stew. Zesty ginger, curry powder, and fresh cilantro team with succulent chicken thighs and a variety of vegetables to make this one of your go-to Thai recipes to make at home.

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