DIY Asian-Inspired Main Dishes Way Better Than Takeout

Asian Beef and Noodle Bowl
Skip ordering takeout tonight and make an Asian-inspired recipe at home! Chinese-, Thai-, Vietnamese-, and Japanese-inspired recipes are all here: stir-fries, noodle bowls, tofu dishes, mu shus, and more.

Indonesian-Style Beef & Rice Bowls

They might start out with plain white rice, but these rice bowls are anything but bland. Red curry paste gives this dish the just-right amount of spiciness, while cucumber slices and cabbage add a healthy helping of veggies.

Shrimp Spring Rolls with Chimichurri

It's so much easier than you think to make your own spring rolls at home! Ready in less than an hour, these cute rolls are filled with shredded carrots, rice noodles, and a fresh chimichurri sauce—plus plenty of shrimp, of course.

Asian Broccoli and Beef

Bring traditional beef and broccoli to your dinner table without ordering takeout! Slow cooking the beef makes it tender and juicy, while fresh broccoli adds a bright burst of green to your plate.

Asian Lettuce Wraps with Chicken

Lettuce wraps can be a delicious (and nutritious!) light dinner for a busy weeknight. Just combine ingredients like shredded cabbage, peanuts, and green onions with chicken, then roll the mixture up in a large lettuce leaf. Dunk into your favorite sauce.

Quick Mu Shu Pork

Put down the phone—you can make homemade mu shu pork in just 20 minutes! Add your favorite ingredients, like mushrooms and shredded cabbage, for a dish that's definitely faster than takeout.

Thai Green Curry Chicken

If you love heat, this spicy curry bowl is for you! Depending on how spicy you like it, you can add more or less green curry paste to this chicken and rice dish.

Tiger Cry Steaks (Thai Grilled Steaks)

To give your next steak night a Thai twist, marinate skirt steaks in lime juice, fish sauce, and molasses for 30 minutes before grilling. If you really want to pump up the flavor, make your own Thai steak sauce with red pepper, lime juice, and tamarind to serve on the side.

Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwiches

Just because these sandwiches are simple to make doesn't mean they're any less delicious. Stuffed with pork tenderloin, cucumber slices, and red pepper, these sandwiches will definitely bring big flavor to your dinner table.

Korean Ahi Poke Bowl

Don't be scared of the raw tuna in this Korean dish—it's full of bright and fresh flavors that will make you fall in love with poke bowls. For even bolder flavor, add pickled carrot and kimchi to this zippy rice bowl.

Gai Yang (Thai Grilled Chicken)

Take grilled chicken to the next level with a marinade of ginger, turmeric, and fish sauce. To make the skin extra crispy and flavorful, be sure to brush it with coconut milk for the last 20 minutes of grilling.

Thai Cauliflower Curry

Thanks to fish sauce and green curry paste, these yummy rice bowls are full of Thai flavor. Try this version packed with cauliflower and zucchini, or switch it up by using chicken and eggplant.

Spiced Tofu Spring Rolls

Vegetarians can enjoy homemade spring rolls, too! Before cooking, these tofu slices soak in a delicious marinade of soy sauce, ginger, and chili sauce, then get rolled up with shredded cabbage and fresh cilantro for a handheld supper.

Korean-Style Chili-Garlic Chicken Stir-Fry

You don't need a fancy wok to make your own stir-fry. A large skillet works just as well. Feel free to customize this recipe with your favorite stir-fry veggies (we love using green beans and red sweet pepper).

Soba Noodle Bowl

This warm noodle bowl is the perfect Asian-inspired comfort food at the end of a long day. Soba noodles, chicken, peas, and carrots gain a little heat from jalapeno pepper.

Japanese Cabbage Stew

There's nothing better than a warm bowl of stew on a chilly evening, and this cabbage stew is no exception. Ground pork, bok choy leaves, and red sweet peppers help turn this dish into a hearty meal (that tastes just like egg rolls!).

Thai Noodles

Soft noodles and tofu, crunchy peanuts, tangy lime, and spices in just the right proportions deliver an incredible flavor and textural balance.

Asian Beef and Noodle Bowl

This simple Asian beef-and-noodle bowl comes together quickly when you use prewashed spinach, shredded carrots, minced ginger, and minced garlic.

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