Asian-Inspired Chicken Recipes

Spaghetti with Asian Peanut Sauce
Take a break from takeout. Blending exotic flavors and textures for a delicious Asian-inspired meal is easier than you think when you use our recipes starring your favorite white meat.

Korean Chicken Tacos

For this mash-up meal, stuff Korean barbecue-sauced chicken and kimchi inside warm corn tortillas. You'll be hard-pressed to find takeout tacos with this much spice!

Tip: If you're not a fan of cilantro, try parsley or Thai basil.

Chicken Lo Mein

We call for shredded carrot, chopped bok choy, and sliced green onions in this chicken and noodle recipe, but feel free to customize with any of your favorite veggies (or any you have handy). Bell pepper strips, snap peas, and thinly-sliced mushrooms would be wonderful additions to the sesame- and soy-scented dish.

Asian-Style Chicken Sliders with Snow Pea Slaw

Hoisin for the win! The sweet-salty Asian sauce is the base of the thick and tasty sauce that coats the shredded chicken thighs. Cook them in a slow cooker or pressure cooker, then toss with even more sauce and layer inside slider buns with a simple snow pea and carrot slaw.

Cilantro-Ginger Chicken with Peanuts

Dinner in 30? How about dinner in 25? This speedy garlic- and ginger-scented stir-fry, which comes together in one pan, can be on your table in less time than it takes to watch the nightly news. Plate over shredded cabbage, rice, or noodles, and top with peanuts.

Chicken Meatball Noodle Bowl

Ground chicken, ginger, and cilantro are the stars of the meatballs in these tasty rice noodle bowls. A drizzle of homemade Fresno chili sauce adds spice, while shredded lettuce offers nutrition and crunch. If you prefer, try shredded cabbage instead of leaf lettuce.

Garlic Chicken Stir-Fry

For tender and juicy chicken, try marinating in a water-based solution that's spiked with a three to one mix of soy sauce and rice vinegar. It's just like a brine with more Far East flair. Crunchy water chestnuts and meaty mushrooms join the sauteed marinated chicken in this tasty stir-fry dish.

Sesame Chicken with Broccoli Stir-Fry

Marinate chicken breast pieces in a sauce that's equal parts sweet (honey), salty (soy sauce), and nutty (sesame oil) for maximum flavor per bite. Grated fresh ginger and garlic infuse the sauce with even more layers of Asian-inspired goodness. Toss the latter over both the sauteed chicken and steamed broccoli—then allow it to drip down on a bed of brown rice.

Orange Chicken Thighs with Cauliflower Rice

A double dose of citrus—from OJ and orange zest—give this lightened-up chicken and cauliflower rice recipe the just-right amount of tang. Brown sugar, soy sauce, and crushed red pepper (sensing a theme here?) balance the seasoning beautifully.

Sesame-Crusted Roast Chicken

Cast-iron cooking for the win! The sear-then-roast strategy, plus a coating of sesame seeds, ginger, and garlic, makes this one-pan chicken and potato dinner far from ordinary.

Thai Chicken

Leftover chicken is rarely this enticing. A little coconut milk, peanut butter, and Sriracha sauce goes a long way to coat each bite with Thai-inspired tastes.

Tip: The chicken and vegetable mixture can be prepared up to 4 months in advance. Freeze in single servings and reheat in a skillet before piling on a lettuce-lined flatbread.

Baked Curried Chicken with Roasted Cauliflower

With Indian inspiration, this sheet pan supper is one of the most interesting ways to enjoy chicken and vegetables. Curry powder, garlic, and crushed red pepper crank up the spice in the honey mustard sauce (which you might want double of for dunking—yes, it's that delicious!).

Korean-Style Chili-Garlic Chicken Stir-Fry

While the spicy chicken gets a starring role in the title of this easy stir-fry recipe, the Quick-Pickled Veggies might just steal the show. Simply simmer a handful of onion, cabbage, and carrots in a rice vinegar and crushed red pepper mixture for 2 minutes, then allow it all to swim in the fragrant mix for 30 minutes as you prep the rest of the dish.

Asian Lettuce Wraps with Chicken

Get a headstart on this crowd-pleasing app by using leftover chicken and purchased coleslaw mix and sesame salad dressing. After that, it's a matter of tossing the ingredients together, stuffing them inside sturdy lettuce leaves, and chilling until it's time to dig in.

Soba Noodle Bowl

Feel a cold coming on? Turn to this almost-couldn't-be-easier buckwheat noodle bowl. With plenty of savory broth, vitamins from the veggies, and energizing crushed red pepper, this is proof that sometimes the best medicine can be found in your kitchen.

Pineapple-Chicken Meatball Stir-Fry

Use an entire can of pineapple (the juice to sweeten the sauce and the fruit itself in the stir-fry) for a huge flavor boost in this ridiculously quick meatball meal. Warm leftover rice or purchased, cooked rice to soak up every last drop of the pineapple-ginger goodness.

Sesame Chicken with Noodles

Sesame oil adds a nutty taste to this 400-calorie dish that takes just 20 minutes to make. Sweet peppers and cilantro keep things colorful, while Asian garlic-chili sauce lends a subtle kick.

Ginger Curry Chicken with Lentils and Leeks

Use any meaty chicken pieces you love most in this satisfying stew recipe. Ginger and curry scent both the broth and the meat with warm Indian spice, while lentils practically melt into the vegetable mixture for an irresistible, protein-rich "side."

Whole Grain Spaghetti with Asian Peanut Sauce

Ease picky eaters into Asian dinner territory with this mild chicken pasta dish. More sweet and nutty than spicy—and with kid-friendly vegetables and slurpable noodles—we can pretty much guarantee there will be zero leftovers.

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