Celebrate American heritage with these culinary classics! The recipes define American cuisine and the childhood memories that go along with them. Here are 10 recipes that could have only happened in America.

By Allison Miller

You can't go to an American barbecue restaurant without being presented with amazing options of ribs. Pork or beef, slathered or smoked, Memphis or St. Louis -- you be the judge on your favorite! Diethood shares her ribs recipe that features smoky, spicy, and sweet all slathered onto deliciously tender baby back ribs.

2. Apple Cheesecake Pie

"As American as apple pie." That saying covers it all! Eating apple pie is an American experience you want to have. Dessert Now, Dinner Later shares a classic apple pie recipe with the addition of a creamy cheesecake layer. You can't go wrong with this cinnamon-spiced, lattice-topped dessert.

3. Bacon Ranch Burger

It wouldn't be an American barbecue without a juicy burger. And nearly every American restaurant has one on their menu. Cupcake Diaries adds two of America's favorite ingredients to the classic cheeseburger: tangy ranch dressing and crispy bacon. This must-make burger also boasts cheddar cheese, crispy lettuce, and tomato all on top of a grilled sesame seed bun.

4. Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Pizza might be an Italian food, but Americans love their Buffalo chicken pizza. Who can say no to fried chicken piled high on top of hot sauce and a pizza crust? This recipe from The Kitchen Is My Playground has all the taste of Buffalo wings as it soars to the next level with the addition of blue cheese.

5. Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

Americans are all about their cupcakes and their chocolate. The best of both worlds come together in this decadent chocolate cupcake recipe from Cupcake Diaries. Look no further for tonight's chocolate fix!

6. Turkey Meat Loaf with Homemade Barbecue Sauce

Mom's meat loaf gets a makeover with turkey and homemade barbecue sauce in this recipe from Flavor the Moments. A secret ingredient makes this American family classic extra moist and tender. Meat loaf never tasted so good!

7. Banana Split

Kudos to the person who came up with the American classic known as a banana split. This sundae gives indulgers a variety of toppings and add-ins to make it their own. Like Mother Like Daughter shares both the traditional and new ideas for your own homemade banana split bar.

8. Ultimate BLT Sandwich

A sandwich so good it gets to go by its initials. And why not try this ultimate version from The Creative Bite? Toasted bread, savory bacon, juicy tomato slices, and crisp lettuce come together with a few extra special ingredients to take this sandwich over the top.

9. Homemade Cream-Filled Sandwich Cookies

America's favorite cookie is baked in the comfort of your own home -- homemade frosting and all! The kids are going to love getting one of these homemade classics from Your Cup of Cake in their lunch boxes this school year.

10. Reuben Burger

Two of America's favorite sandwich loves are combined in the ultimate cookout food. This mashup from Tried and Tasty combines the flavors of a classic reuben sandwich with a juicy beef burger. Better bust out the knife for this tall fella!

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May 21, 2018