This Wine Preserver Kept My Bottle Tasting Fresh for Over a Week

The Savino carafe holds an entire bottle of wine and currently has more than 300 five-star reviews on Amazon.

As a wine lover, it's usually no problem for me to finish a bottle before it goes bad. On the rare occasion I can't, I hate the thought of letting that wine go to waste. Thankfully I just learned about and tested the Savino wine preserving carafe. It promises to keep a bottle tasting fresh up to a week after I open it. In these quarantining times, I haven't left my house for anything other than groceries for quite awhile. But my family recently went on a camping trip to enjoy some much-needed time in nature and I figured it was the perfect opportunity to put the Savino wine preserver to the test. (Meaning I wanted a glass of wine a couple of days before we left, but wouldn't drink the whole bottle myself before we left.)

savino wine preserver
Courtesy of Savino Wine

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After opening a new bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, my fave wine during summer months, I enjoyed a small glass and proceeded to pour the rest of the bottle into my Savino glass carafe. The entire bottle of wine fit inside (it holds up to 750 ml) and the carafe tucked away nicely in my fridge. Within the next couple of days (remember, wine usually starts to go bad after 2 days), it still smelled like new. There might have been a hint of flavor change after three days, but I'd never notice if I wasn't actively trying to find a difference. Fast forward four more days after our stay in the family cabin and the wine didn't smell exactly like new anymore, but it was still inviting at not at all offputting. The flavor seemed a tiny bit duller, but totally drinkable and still very good—this was just over a week later!

So how does this carafe work to keep wine staying fresh longer than usual? The Savino carafe itself is made with high-quality flint glass, food-grade and BPA-free Tritan, and silicone. After pouring your wine into the container (which is rather elegantly designed, by the way, so it's not an eyesore if you're serving guests), a plastic float rests on top of the wine to prevent oxidation (it's reminiscent of a fishing bobber/float that moves out of the way as you pour). The carafe's lid also has a rubber seal to prevent spills and keep the air out. Savino also offers the preserver in shatterproof plastic, making it an excellent option for toting to your next picnic or the backyard barbecue.

Overall, I was sincerely surprised just how good my wine still tasted a week after uncorking. I'm so happy to know if I want a glass of wine the day before leaving on vacation, I can rest easy knowing I could do that without wasting the rest of the bottle.

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