11 Ways to Flavor Vodka

Step up your cocktail-making game with these exceptional vodka infusions you can make at home.

It's time to up your cocktail game. Skip the pricey flavored vodkas. We've got 11 insanely delicious ideas for infusing plain vodka with fruit, herbs, and even, bubble gum.

For each variation of infused vodka we used a quart jar and added 2 to 3 cups of vodka (enough to cover the ingredient being infused). Let the infusion stand for at least 24 hours. Use the infused vodkas in mixed drinks, in martinis, or topped with club soda as a sipper.

We experimented with lots of different ideas, here are our top 11:

  1. Fresh rosemary. Use 4 to 5 sprigs in a quart jar.
  2. Fresh ginger. Use 3/4 cup sliced, unpeeled ginger in a quart jar.
  3. Fresh mint. Use 1-1/2 cups mint leaves in a quart jar.
  4. Blood orange. Use two blood oranges, sliced in a quart jar.
  5. Cucumber-lime. Use half of a cucumber, sliced, and strips of lime peel from one lime in a quart jar.
  6. Mango habanero. Use two mangos, peeled and sliced, with two habanero peppers, bias-sliced, in a quart jar. Customize the heat level by using just a few slices or a few whole peppers. 
  7. Pineapple jalapeno. Use one pineapple, cut up, and two jalapeno peppers, sliced, in a quart jar.
  8. Bacon. Use two tablespoons bacon fat and a cooked strip just for visual appeal in a quart jar. Dispose of the bacon strip when done infusing.
  9. Cinnamon sticks. Use two to three cinnamon sticks in a quart jar.
  10. Bubble gum. Use 24 pieces of Bazooka bubble gum in a quart jar.
  11. Jolly Rancher candies. Use 12 to 15 pieces of each flavor candy for five half-pint jars. Add just enough vodka to fill nearly to the top.

Vodka Cocktail Recipes


  1. How long can you keep these after you make them? Should you take the "flavor" out at the 24 hour mark?

  2. Hi heathertaylorlh, Keep the flavorings in for 1 to 2 days. Then you can store at room temp. in a dark place for up to 1 year. Cheers!

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