Vodka and Lemonade Recipes

Want to make classic lemonade even better? Add a splash of vodka! We've got vodka lemonade recipes perfect for a party. Try our new twists, including lemonade spiked with fruit, herbs, and even veggies. We're sharing variations for pitchers of spiked lemonade and recipes just for one. There's no wrong way to sip on these spiked lemonade recipes, but we think they're best served over ice!

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    Electric Lemonade

    The secret to this neon cocktail? The bright flavor (and color!) of fresh mint. Serve this frozen spiked lemonade in frosty glasses right from the freezer. 

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    Blushing Lemonade

    This two-ingredient spiked lemonade is good -- and a splash of limoncello makes it better! Top off the pink lemonade vodka with a lemon twist. 

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    Basil Lemon Drop

    This vodka lemonade is all grown up. Make this party-ready pitcher in summer when basil is at its best. 

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    Spiked Mango Lemonade

    Vodka and lemonade get better when you add fresh mango. Top each glass with sparkling water and mint for a refreshing sparkling spiked lemonade. 

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    Pink Lemonade Slush

    Stash this slush in the freezer, and you'll be just minutes away from cocktail time. To serve, top each glass with lemon-lime soda and a splash of raspberry vodka. 

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    Fizzy Kiwi Lemonade

    This kiwi twisted lemonade is one of our favorite summer vodka cocktails. Make it party-perfect by freezing sweet kiwi ice cubes.  

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    Strawberry Lemonade

    This pitcher is ready to party. Make this strawberry spiked lemonade ahead of time and pour over ice just before cocktail hour. 

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    Raspberry Lemonade Spritzers

    You're just four ingredients away from this raspberry vodka lemonade. We think this pink lemonade vodka tastes even better after chilling overnight. 

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    Cool-as-a-Cuke Lemonade

    Now here's a green drink worth celebrating. This vodka lemonade recipe calls for a whole cucumber and plenty of sweet lemonade. Spike the pitcher with three cups of vodka. 

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    Strawberry-Rhubarb Lemonade

    A homemade strawberry-rhubarb syrup is the star of this spiked lemonade. Make this party pitcher ahead, and you're minutes away from one of our favorite lemonade party drinks. 

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    Coconut Lemonade

    Try taking your spiked lemonade to the tropics. Coconut syrup and starfruit mean this vodka lemonade recipe is best garnished with a mini umbrella. No vacation required. 

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