Because wine makes everything better. If you find yourself with leftover red wine, put it to good use in these sweet and savory recipes. Cabernet brownies, anyone?


Garden-Fresh Gazpacho

Fresh veggie gazpacho is good, but our boozy wine-spiked version is insanely delicious. Try topping your bowl with fresh avocado slices. 

Red Wine Chocolate Sauce

You're just three ingredients away from the most decadent chocolate sauce ever. The secret is -- you guessed it -- red wine. 

Cherry-Cabernet Brownies

Can you make a brownie better? Yep! Just add red wine. We're topping the whole thing off with a luscious red wine ganache. Swoon.

Honey-Wine Jelly

With just four ingredients, wine takes center stage in this sweet jelly recipe. Try spreading it on toast or including it on a cheese plate; it pairs well with everything! 


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