The Perfect Cocktail Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Are you looking for a cocktail that totally speaks your language? Here's the perfect drink for your personality.


The Aquarius is friendly and social but not exactly adventurous. This Sparkling Strawberry Rose Sangria from Booklyn Supper is full of excitent and familiarity.


Pisces are known for their creativity, which makes them the perfect candidate to try something a little out of the box—like this Cranberry Kombucha Cocktail from Hungry Girl por Vida


Aries are energetic, impulsive, and always down to try something new. This Beet Balsamic Shrub Cocktail from Local Haven is the perfect pick.


Taurus the bull is loyal, and always goes back to his or her standby. That's way this classic Old Fashioned by Brooklyn Supper is their perfect drink of choice.


Geminis are artistic and drawn to novelty. The Modern Mai Tai with Hibiscus + Thyme from With Food + Love brings classic flavors together with a new creative twist.


Cancers are known to be a little moody. This Raspberry Chamomile Coconut Cream Soda from With Food + Love can ease those emotional blues.


Leos are confident and spirited, and they like attention. These Fresh Heirloom Bloody Marys with Old Bay from With Food + Love pack a powerful and commanding punch.


Virgos are analytical, observant, and reliable. This Earl Grey Cider Cocktail from With Food + Love is grounding and slightly earthy, but definitely not boring.


Libras are graceful and peaceful, and seek harmony and balance. This Vanilla Coffee Martini with Salted Cocoa Rim from With Food + Love is the perfect drink that's creamy, smooth, and not too sweet.


Scorpios are sensual, dynamic, and intensely passionate. This Black Peppercorn + Cranberry Shrub with Gin from With Food + Love brings the perfect balance of all of those things.


The Sagittarius is independent and adventurous. The Persimmon Punch from With Food + Love is an interesting combination of roasted fruit puree with spirits and herbs to pique their interest.


Capricorns are loyal and observant and patient. This Boulevardier Cocktail from Brooklyn Supper is a classy cocktail for all the Caps to sip on intentionally and slowly.

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