The Coolest Ice Tricks for Fancy Cocktails

Your ice cube tray is more versatile than you think.


It may seem like the dullest item in your kitchen, but your ice cube tray is capable of a lot more than just freezing water. To make the most out of your next cocktail party, pay attention to what you're putting in your drink. These ice tricks are exactly what you need to turn your go-to mimosa into a stunning, flavorful concoction. Bonus: They keep drinks cool so the party can continue all night long!

1. Floral Ice Cubes


We honestly can't think of a better garnish to a summary, sweet drink. The flowers suspended in these ice cubes will float to the top of your drink as the ice melts. You can order these edible flowers online or look for them at your local grocery store. Learn more at Tablespoon.

2. Outside the Box


It doesn't take much to turn a cocktail from boring to extraordinary. Plastic and silicone ice trays now come in different festive shapes to add a fun element to your party. We are obsessed with these lemon wedge molds!

3. Layers of Fun


Pop these frozen juice cubes into any drink, such as sparkling water, and they will gradually add flavor as they melt. Mix and match your favorite juices to get a combination that is just right for you! Plus, the layered colors are gorgeous. Learn more from The View From Great Island.

4. I'm Not Bitter


Coffee isn't the only thing we like bitter. Adding cocktail bitters to your drink instantly amps up the classiness of whatever you're sipping on. Infuse bitters into your ice cubes so they gradually add to your drink as you mingle.

5. Frozen Herbs


You may have heard that freezing herbs is good for long-term storage, but did you know that herbs preserved in ice cubes make a great cocktail garnish? Let the aromatic flavor infuse into your drink as the ice melts giving it a distinct, fresh taste.

6. Freeze the Mixer


For complex concoctions, freeze the mixers ahead of time! It will make bartending much easier and won't water down the drink as it melts. Orange juice, wine, and vermouth are perfect for this!

7. One In A Melon


Freeze ice cube-size chunks of melon to cool down your drinks. This fruity hack works two ways: It keeps your glass chilled and provides a sweet snack later!

8. Smoked Ice Cubes


If you really want to impress your guests, make these smoked ice cubes. This unique trick shows that you pay attention to detail, and it really does make a difference you can taste! Try it with this delicious smoky sidecar drink recipe.

9. Alternative Cubes


Don't be afraid to think outside the tray, too. Using cooling agents like whiskey stones are a great way to keep your drink fresh and avoid the watered down taste. We also love chilling our glasses in the freezer a few hours before the party starts.

Now that you love these ideas, all you need is a drink! Check out our collection of fresh, fruity cocktails to pick out the perfect ice-and-drink pair. Or, find more great ice cube inspiration recipes in this cool video for summertime drinks.

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