How to Decorate the Rim of a Cocktail Glass Like a Pro

Kick your cocktail recipes up a notch with these clever ideas for decorating a glass rim that go way beyond the traditional sugar or salt rim.

Party-Worthy Cocktail Glass Rims

5 Ways to Rim a Cocktail Glass

Here are some cocktail recipe suggestions for the rim garnishes we used:

  • Rainbow sprinkles for creamy cocktails, such as our White Rabbit recipe.
  • Rainbow sugar for an appletini or Sour Apple Martini recipe.
  • Chili-lime salt for a margarita recipe.
  • Shredded coconut for a tropical drink, such as a pina colada.
  • Melted chocolate for a Chocolate Martini.

Cocktail Recipe Ideas

Mexican Margaritas

Put your new cocktail glass rim skills to work on some of our favorite cocktail recipes.

Pitcher cocktail recipes

Classic cocktail recipes

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