7 Simple Cocktail Hacks to Keep a Large Crowd Satisfied

Quantity doesn't have to sacrifice quality when making the perfect batch.

Making drinks for a large crowd is tricky, but completely doable if you know the tricks. Save your mulled wines and muddled blackberries for your intimate soirees. When it comes to large crowds, it's all about the few, but delicious, ingredients. Drinks simple to stir up at a moment's notice will keep you out of the kitchen and in the party. Try one of these recipes below for a stress-free event with drinks that are flowing.

1. Easy Citrus Punch

Do minimal prep work for this drink the night before the big day. Have multiple jugs of the fruit juice concentrate ready to bring out when liquids are running low. Simply fill to the top with ginger ale and whatever liquor you want!

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2. Jack and Coke

Something Turquoise

Take the stress out of being the hostess by letting your guests play mixologist! Serve up shooters with their cola counterpart all tied together in a Mason jar. Everyone drinks happy and the Mason jar doubles as a souvenir.

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3. Limoncello

This make-ahead recipe serves a whopping 56 people! Infuse vodka with lemon peel for 10 days to make this deliciously sweet Italian pick-me-up. You can store this in the refrigerator for up to one month, so there is no excuse for procrastinating party prep!

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4. Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

Line up the champagne flutes and pour this two-ingredient cocktail like a pro. Pomegranate juice and champagne make this pink drink bubbly and sweet. It's perfect for a girls' getaway!

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5. Bloody Mary Bar

A Bloody Mary bar is one of the oldest party planning tricks in the book. There is minimal work on your end, and everyone is happy with their perfectly personalized drinks. Don't be afraid to get creative with the garnishes, too!

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6. Cool Cubes

Make these flavored ice cubes days in advance so you have the most memorable cocktail garnishes of the year. Freeze juices, herbs, and fruit for a tasteful way to cool down your champagne or other drink of choice. These are so easy on party day!

7. White Wine Sangria


A whopping six bottles of Sauvignon Blanc goes into this sweet sangria. Mixed with fresh summer fruit and lemonade concentrate, this drink will please the whole crowd. We just hope you have a pitcher or dispenser large enough to hold it all!

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