Mint Julep Recipes Perfect for Derby Day (or Any Cocktail-Worthy Occasion)

Mint Juleps are the classic Kentucky Derby cocktail. In fact, more than 120,000 are served over the two-day event at Churchill Downs Racetrack every year. But that irresistible combination of mint, bourbon, and sugar is worthy of enjoyment any time of year. Try our favorite mint julep recipes, including variations on the classic cocktail recipe and a few julep-flavor dessert recipes, too.

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Classic Mint Julep

Mint Julep
Blaine Moats

Think mint juleps are difficult? Think again! You're three ingredients away (OK four, if you count ice cubes) from clinking a glass of this classic cocktail. Serve with an extra mint leaf for a pretty garnish.

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Blackberry-Mint Julep Sparkler

Blackberry-Mint Julep Sparkler
Brie Passano

As warmer weather arrives, we look forward to using fresh, seasonal berries in as many recipes as possible. And since blackberries and mint pair so well together, why not make a new mint julep recipe? For a real show-stopping drink presentation, freeze ice cubes with fresh mint leaves.

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Mint Julep Dip

Mint Julep Dip
Andy Lyons

If happy hour and the dessert course had a child, this boozy dip would be it. The dip features cream cheese, mint, and bourbon for a decadent twist on mint julep flavors. Pair its minty, creamy goodness with fresh fruit, pound cake, or our favorite—grilled doughnuts.

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Ginger-Mint Julep

Ginger-Mint Julep
Dana Gallagher

Think fire and ice in a single glass. Ginger-infused simple syrup gives this mint julep recipe its tongue-tingling zip, while mint leaves provide contrasting coolness.

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Mint Julep Punch

Mint Julep Punch
Greg Scheidemann

Prepare mint juleps for everyone gathering for your Derby watch party with this big-batch recipe. This sparkling make-ahead punch is equally delicious made with regular bourbon or its fruity sibling, black cherry bourbon.

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Mint Julep Ice Pops

Mint Julep Ice Pops
Kathryn Lozier

Just when you thought mint juleps couldn't get any more refreshing, these slushy, boozy, utterly amazing ice pops enter the scene. It's an adults-only frozen treat that will definitely cool down a hot summer day. Freeze in a pan and scoop like ice cream or make them into individually frozen pops.

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Orange Mint Juleps

Orange Mint Juleps
Helen Norman

Step aside, mojitos—there's a new citrus-mint beverage in town, featuring sweet and tangy orange juice. Add a splash of bourbon, and it's one unforgettable flavor mash-up. These mint juleps can be a perfect mimosa alternative with brunch or alongside appetizers.

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