Come patio season, it just feels right to have a margarita in hand. But why settle for margarita mix when you can make deliciously refreshing margaritas from scratch? Whether you like frozen margaritas or on the rocks, our must-have tips will have you sipping in no time.

By Abby Wolner

Let's start with the basics. For a classic margarita recipe, we recommend using a 3-2-1 ratio.

  • 3 parts tequila
  • 2 parts triple sec
  • 1 part lime juice
  • salt
  • simple syrup or superfine sugar (optional)

Start by rimming your glass, then mix the liquid ingredients. Traditionally, you would mix margaritas with ice in a cocktail shaker. If you're making margs for a crowd, though, stirring them together in a pitcher is just fine. Add the syrup or sugar if you like sweeter margaritas.

Tip #1: Rimming the Glass

Before you mix up your margaritas, you'll want to rim your glasses. Salt is the classic choice, but you can try a sugar-and-cinnamon blend, flaked coconut, or colored sugar.

  • Fill a plate with 1/4 inch of your chosen rimmer.
  • Rub the rim of your glass with lime or other fruit depending on the type of margarita.
  • Press the rim into the plate for an even coating.

Tip #2: Choosing Tequila

The type of tequila you use makes a big difference in how your margarita tastes. There are three kinds of tequila that differ based on how long they're aged.

  • Blanco - Blanco is unaged tequila with a bold, acidic flavor. It's typically the least expensive.
  • Reposado - Aged 2-11 months, reposado has a light citrus and honeylike flavor with hints of smoke and agave.
  • Anejo - Perfect for tequila enthusiasts, anejo tequila is aged for just under three years and has the most complex flavor. It's typically the most expensive.


Tip #3: Adding Fruit

Fruit is an easy way to make margarita recipes even more luscious and refreshing.

  • Fruit Juice - Add two parts fruit juice to your tequila mixture and stir or blend with ice.
  • Whole Fruit - Blend the fruit and tequila mixture and pour over ice. You can add ice during blending for a slushy, frozen margarita.


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