Margarita Recipes

Relax on the patio with one of our delicious margarita recipes. Whether you prefer frozen margaritas, strawberry margaritas, or the best classic recipe, you'll love every sip of these tasty margaritas.

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    Classic Margaritas

    Few drinks put a zing in your step like the lip-smacking taste of a classic margarita. Use fresh-squeezed lime juice for truly authentic flavor.

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    Mango-Coconut Margaritas

    Treat your taste buds to a trip abroad with this sweet-and-spicy mango margarita. Coconut rum gives the cocktail tropical flavor, while a chili powder-dusted rim provides the heat. All that's missing is a tiny paper umbrella.


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    Pom-Berry Margarita

    Pomegranate juice and liqueur infuse this warm-weather beverage with icy-cool winter flavor. Make and freeze a big batch of the fruity mixture up to a month in advance for quick party cocktails.


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    Blackberry Margaritas

    Blackberry brandy and pureed frozen berries add not one but two layers of fruity flavor to classic margarita mix. Trade kosher salt for coarse sugar to decorate the glass rim and keep things sweet.


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    Make-Ahead Frozen Margaritas

    Be ready for any impromtu fiesta when your freezer is stocked with this make-ahead margarita recipe. Give 'em a quick shake and serve! Or, if you're feeling fancy, transfer to margarita glasses before serving.

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    Strawberry Margarita

    This summery sipper is too good to resist. Toss whole strawberries into the blender to create this juicy and totally irresistible margarita.

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    Cherry Tomato Margarita

    Tomatoes in a margarita? Don't doubt a good thing. The juice of muddled cherry tomatoes adds savory flavor to classic margaritas, while the skewered vegetable also makes a showstopping garnish.


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    Grilled Pineapple Margarita

    Now here's the margarita recipe you're looking for if you want to impress and really switch things up. Grilled pineapple, jalapeno, and fresh cilantro add big unexpected flavor to the popular patio drink.

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    Strawberry-Banana Margaritas

    Strawberries and banana, two smoothie-favorite flavors, get new life when mixed into your favorite margarita recipe. Simply blend the two ingredients until smooth, then stir into your drink for a fruity fusion.


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    Pineapple-Cinnamon Margaritas

    Try life on the tropical side with our sweetly spiced margarita. Pineapple juice and a cinnamon-sugar-rimmed glass give this creative margarita recipe a one-two punch of refreshingly sweet flavor.

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    Blood Orange Margarita

    Make margarita magic in minutes by pouring the classic ingredients—tequila, triple sec, and lime juice—into a pitcher along with blood orange juice. Serve over ice with a slice of fresh lime.

    Margarita Recipe Tip: Substitute pomegranate or orange juice if you can't find blood orange juice at your supermarket.


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    Tequila Sunrise Margarita

    Enjoy two drinks in one by adding tangy orange juice and a touch of grenadine to traditional margaritas. Use red decorating sugar on the rim to spice up your presentation.

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    Mango Margarita

    Margarita mavens will love the silky-smooth pureed mangoes in this tropical margarita recipe. Use coconut rum instead of triple sec for an added burst of island flavor.

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    Watermelon Margarita

    Frozen watermelon cubes add a splash of fun to our lush margarita recipe. We combined the ingredients you love with fresh watermelon juice for even more summer flavor.

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    Guava Margarita

    Sugary guava nectar is the perfect partner for tart lime juice. Garnish this elegant margarita with guava slices. Check for guava nectar in the Mexican and beverage aisles at your grocery store.

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    Coconut Margarita

    Creamy coconut margaritas bring a taste of the tropics to any party. Toasted coconut flakes on the rim are a fun final touch.

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    Icy Cranberry Margarita

    Few drinks are more refreshing than an icy-cold blended margarita. Tart cran-raspberry juice concentrate complements the mellow melon liqueur in this margarita.

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    Frozen Strawberry-Mango Margaritas

    Frozen fruit is an easy addition to any blended margarita recipe. We used mangoes and strawberries for an extra fruity and simple concoction.

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    Sparkling Margarita

    Bring something bubbly to your next fiesta. The crisp, lively taste of champagne or sparkling wine is the margarita ingredient you never knew you were missing.

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    Ginger-Peach Margaritas

    You can use fresh or frozen peaches to flavor this margarita recipe. The unexpected combination of peppery ginger and juicy pureed peaches will wow your guests.

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    Margaritas Fresca

    Plain-Jane margaritas stop here: Thinly sliced jalapenos take this margarita recipe to spicy new levels, while fresh cilantro adds a bit of zip.

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