Impress your guests and set up this party-worthy margarita bar at your next gathering. With a variety of garnishes, rimmers, and boozy stir-ins, your guests will be able to customize their drinks any way they want.

Margarita Bar
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Whether you're a fan of classic or frozen margaritas, these mix-ins and garnishes are sure to take your drink to the next level. And with endless combinations, this margarita bar will definitely be the life of the party.

Fruit Blends

Fruit Blends

Mango margaritas, anyone? Give your margarita a fruity twist by trying one of these blends:

  • Strawberry-Banana: Blend one 16-oz. package of frozen unsweetened whole strawberries and 1 medium banana until smooth; if desired, strain to remove seeds.
  • Mango: Blend 3 cups of sliced mangoes until smooth.
  • Blackberry: Blend one 16-oz. package of frozen unsweetened blackberries until smooth; if desired, strain to remove seeds.

Boozy Mix-Ins

Boozy Stir-Ins

At your next party, make margaritas even more special by trying one of these boozy mix-ins in addition to tequila:

  • Blackberry-flavor brandy
  • Coconut-flavor rum
  • Sparkling wine

For the Rim


You don't have to stick to just salt for the rim. Give your margarita some heat by using chili powder, or satisfy your sweet tooth by using sugar. Impress your guests by providing these rimmers as options:

  • Superfine granulated sugar or powdered sugar
  • Coarse salt or cocktail salt
  • Lime, lemon, or orange zest
  • Chili powder



No margarita is complete without a pretty fruit garnish! But you don't have to stick to classic lime. Instead, give some of these fruits a try:

  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries
  • Sliced peaches
  • Lime, lemon, and/or orange wedges or wheels

More Margarita Recipes

Classic Margaritas

Try mixing up your margaritas even more by trying a few of these favorite recipes:

More Twists on Margaritas


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