Re-create some of your favorite cocktail recipes in gelatin form with these party-worthy jello cocktail ideas. From classic margarita to a grape vodka martini, you'll enjoy making and eating/drinking these party cocktails.

By Julianne Bayer

Try each of these spirited gelatin cocktail recipes!

Margarita Jello Cocktail

What flavor margarita are you craving? Classic lime or strawberry? Take your pick in our Margarita Jello Cocktail recipe.

Grape Jello Vodka Cocktail

If you like the Grape Ape martini, you'll love this grape jello cocktail. Get the Grape Jello Vodka Cocktail recipe.

Lemon Drop Jello Martini

Gelatinize your favorite martini recipe -- the lemon drop! Get our Lemon Drop Jello Martini recipe.

Sex on the Beach Jello Cocktail

Don't forget the mini umbrella when serving this classic beach cocktail. Get our Sex on the Beach Jello Cocktail recipe.


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