Garden Cocktail Recipes: Cheers to Fresh Produce

Cherry Tomato Margarita
Get ready for some garden mixology. Using fresh produce, herbs, and even edible flowers from your garden, you can create fantastic spring cocktails, summer cocktails, and yes—even vegetable cocktails. Not much of a green thumb and worried you can't grow your own cocktail? The produce department of the grocery store should have you covered. Take advantage of seasonal picks to make these cocktail recipes.

Carrot Mexican Mule

Grab a copper mug and make your own mule cocktail with a veggie twist. Our carrot juice cocktail can be made with freshly juiced carrot or purchased juice. When combined with fresh rosemary, tequila, lime juice, and ginger beer, it will transform you from a Moscow mule person to a Mexican mule drinker.

Rosemary-Grapefruit Gin Cocktail

This beautiful blush-color drink is a great addition to your gin cocktail menu for spring. Use end-of-season grapefruit to make a light cocktail recipe infused with bold rosemary flavor.

Melon-Basil Sparkler

Cocktails with garden herbs are a fantastic for using the products of your herb garden. This one uses honeydew melon and a generous handful of fresh basil leaves from your garden. Top with Prosecco for a bubbly cocktail.

Salsa Bloody Mary

To really amp up the veggie level of this bloody mary, go garnish crazy. Try celery stalks, cucumber wedges, and/or tomatoes straight from the garden.

The bigger the better when it comes to bloody mary garnishes. Our over-the-top bloody mary garnish ideas are insanely delicious and sure to drop jaws.

Mind-Blowing Bloody Mary Garnishes

Just take a look, and you'll see what we mean.

Whiskey-Beet Cocktail

That’s right: a beet cocktail! First make a batch of beet and sage shrub, then add whiskey, lemon juice, and club soda. It’s like a purple garden tonic.

Summer Fruit Daiquiri

Make this fruit cocktail any way you like. Craving a strawberry daiquiri recipe? Or maybe a peach daiquiri is more your speed. Choose your favorite summer fruit to add to this summer cocktail recipe. It’s basically a fruit smoothie, right?

Celery Tonic

It’s easy being green with this gorgeous garden tonic in hand. Five ingredients (including homemade celery juice) tossed in a cocktail shaker create this fresh cocktail recipe.

Grilled Peach Whiskey Smash

A smash cocktail is the perfect use for fresh produce! Fresh peach (grilled, if you like, for more intense flavor), lemon, and mint get muddled with honey and bourbon for a refreshing whiskey cocktail.

Lavender Lemonade Sparklers

If it sparkles, we’re in! This lavender cocktail is no exception. Make a simple four-ingredient (including water) lavender syrup, and combine with vodka and sparkling water for a summer cocktail recipe you’ll want to sip daily.

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Kale Daiquiri

Kale: It’s not just for salads and health nuts. Here, we whirl it with lime juice and rum for a blended cocktail recipe that has some actual nutritional value. How many other cocktails have you had that pack 3 grams of fiber?

Mango Margaritas

Sure, we all love a lime or strawberry margarita, but a mango margarita recipe is our current crush. Because mangoes can be a little tricky to cut up, this cocktail recipe calls for purchased refrigerated slices. But if you’re mango savvy, opt for fresh and get the most intense mango flavor.

Strawberry and Sage Shrub

If you don't know what a shrub is yet, this could be life-changing! Make your own strawberry shrub at home, and add to champagne for a bubbly cocktail recipe from the garden.

Cucumber Sangria

Here’s the garden cocktail recipe you need when hosting a group. The white sangria includes fresh fruit and vegetables, and makes enough to serve eight. Be sure to allow for chill time so the wine can take on plenty of honeydew and cucumber flavor.

Tomato-Bacon Sipper

Forget purchased tomato juice. You can muddle fresh tomatoes for bigger tomato flavor in your cocktail recipe. Garnish with tomato slices and a lettuce leaf to add even more garden goodness to the drink recipe. We added a strip of bacon for good measure.

Cucumber Gin and Tonic

The cool and refreshing traits of fresh cucumber make this cucumber gin and tonic perfect for hot summer days on the patio.

Cherry Tomato Margarita

Muddled cherry tomatoes make this margarita recipe unlike one you've ever had before. It still has the tequila, lime juice, and sweetness you'd expect in a traditional margarita with subtle added tomato flavor.

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