8 Election Day Cocktails America Needs

These Election Day cocktails will help you celebrate this election year with a nod toward the past and a celebratory toast to the future.

1. Classic Mulled Wine

This warm cup of purple cheer is the perfect way to spice up party politics on those cold November nights when you need something soothing to get you through all the banter of red and blue states. This recipe can be whipped up in under 30 minutes, making it the ideal last-minute election night cocktail.

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2. Heirloom Bloody Mary

Another great option for crossing party lines, this Heirloom Bloody Mary offers all the color of a "red state" but with a nod toward the "blue state" sympathies, since it was a favorite drink of President John F. Kennedy. And if your election party starts the morning after, this spiced version from With Food and Love packs a delicate punch while an ideal hair of the dog, perfect for getting your morning celebration off to a great start.

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3. Autumn Sangria

Looking for a bold "red state" cocktail that offers a refreshing twist but even your "blue state" guests will adore? Look no further than this autumn-inspired sangria from Domesticate-Me. We love the blend of pomegranates, apples, and blackberries that adds both bold color and taste to this classic party punch.

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4. Coffee Cooler

Let's face it: On election night, everyone is up all night. And this Coffee Cooler is the ideal candidate for a late-night party because it keeps everyone alert and ready for the long night ahead.

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5. Lilac 75

If you are glued to the TV watching all the headlines from the spin room, this Lilac 75 is just what you need. It crosses party lines by offering a light purple tint, and it's a festive twist on the classic French 75, which was a favorite cocktail of FDR. Holly and Flora from Eat Boutique cast a winning recipe with this one.

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6. Blueberry Salty Dog

When it comes to a twist on traditional "blue state" cocktails, this Blueberry Salty Dog from Heather Christo is a real party pleaser. Salty, sweet, and refreshingly light, this is one Election Day cocktail that will please everyone, regardless of how you vote.

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7. The Old-Fashioned

If you are clinging to the glory days of past elections, this classic cocktail is just what you need. Favored by Harry Truman, it offers a strong hint of nostalgia that never goes out of fashion.

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8. Prosecco Peach Champagne Punch

If the election has you feeling just peachy, then this is exactly what you need to celebrate your night. This recipe not only is ideal for big crowds, it also has one ingredient that no White House party has been without for over a century: bubbly!

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Cheers to the Red, White, and Blue!

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