7 Recipes Starring Rosé Wine That Think Outside the Bottle

Almond Cake with Fruit & Rose Drizzle
Photo: Melanie Acevedo

Stock up on a case! These 12 recipes will inspire you on how to drink rosé wine and how to eat it, too. With rosé drinks for happy hour, wine-infused cakes, frosé cocktails, and even rosé-spiked jelly, these refreshing recipes offer a taste of summer any time of year.

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Honey-Rosé Plum Cobbler

Honey-Rose Plum Cobbler
Andy Lyons

Have your wine and eat it, too. Instead of sipping on a solo rosé drink, enjoy it alongside a honey-scented fruit cobbler spiked with ⅔ of a cup of rosé. Try the same concept with thawed frozen peaches if it's not plum season.

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Sparkling Wine and Roses Cocktail

Sparkling Wine Roses Cocktail
Victoria Pearson

Try this low-alcohol option for a pink rosé cocktail recipe that won't leave you with a headache tomorrow. The wine is amplified with grapefruit juice and lovely rosewater syrup, so each ounce of rosé stretches further in the drink. Garnish the easy-drinking cocktail with grapefruit twists and edible flower petals.

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Rosé Wine Jelly with Pink Peppercorns

Rose Wine Jelly Pink Peppercorns
Blaine Moats

For a rosé wine cocktail party snack, spread crostini with this wine jelly, then top with a slice of hard cheese (salty Parmesan works wonderfully). Garnish with fresh herbs like thyme or sage. The homemade jelly recipe calls for 28 ounces of rosé, so what you do with the rest of the second bottle of vino is up to you. (Might we suggest adding it to one of these other rosé wine recipes or, you know, pouring it in a glass?)

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Rosé Cucumber Cooler

Rose Cucumber Cooler
Andy Lyons

Cucumbers are what your sangria has been missing. This rosé drink recipe is proof. Uber-refreshing and the ideal Rx for warm weather, the secret ingredient to this 10-minute pitcher cocktail is a cup of elderflower liqueur to add just enough floral flavor.

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Blackberry Sangria

Blackberry Sangria
Alison Miksch

Sure it looks like a standard sangria. But this rosé drink recipe is actually a taste of summer in a glass. OK, it's both, in a cognac-spiked stone fruit, citrus, and berry mixed drink. (P.S. For the uninitiated, cognac is a French brandy.)

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Sweet Cherry Sangria

Sweet Cherry Sangria
Jason Donnelly

Here's exactly how to drink rosé wine when you're in the mood for something that tastes more like juice, just with some spirit. Our go-to summer sangria recipe mixes rosé, brandy, cherry juice, and orange juice and adds simple syrup. Two more liqueurs (so this is one party drink you will want to pace yourself with!) finish the recipe, and fresh cherries and orange slices top it off.

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Sparkling Cranberry Rose

Sparkling Cranberry Rose
Colleen Duffley

Who says rosé is just for summer? Say cheers to the New Year or any winter holiday with this fizzy rosé wine spritzer. While we call for cranberry juice and cranberries, this sparkling rosé cocktail would also work beautifully with pomegranate juice and arils.

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