Edible Drinks -- Believe It!

One bite of these alcohol-infused recipes and you'll convert to edible drinks. You don't need ice or glasses to enjoy these irresistible cocktails. With sweet ice pops, fudgy brownies, spicy dips, and more, these delicious recipes are fun alternatives to drinks for your next party.

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    Fruity White Sangria Pops

    Everyone's favorite fruit sipper gets a frozen makeover in this cute-as-can-be drink recipe. Fresh mango, kiwifruit, and strawberries add gorgeous color to each pop, which you make and freeze in paper cups -- no mold required.

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    Seared Scallop Tequila Shooters

    These aren't your average shots. Scallops brushed with agave nectar and chipotle chile powder are seared then placed atop glasses. Each is filled with a spicy and sweet mango-tequila puree that is sure to get the party started.

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    Mint Julep Ices

    Get your spoons ready! We've given time-honored mint juleps a modern makeover. Just mix the drink's classic ingredients, including mint leaves and bourbon, and add tangy limeade concentrate, then freeze overnight.

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    Five-Berry Compote with Mint and Orange Infusion

    Sauvignon Blanc and orange pekoe tea bring warm and cozy notes to this beautiful blend of six different berries. At just 200 calories per serving, this simple compote makes a healthy substitute for your favorite cocktail.

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    Raspberry-Pear Sorbet

    This bright and fruity sorbet has a sweet secret: juicy pear liqueur. It balances out the tangy flavors of fresh raspberry and lime juice and adds a grown-up twist to this cool treat.

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    Mango-Overboard Pops

    These frozen desserts lead a double life: They're half ice pop and half cocktail. Tequila and triple sec blend with a mango smoothie and fresh oranges for refreshing pops that maintain their alcohol content.

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    Green Apple-Chardonnay Granita

    Chardonnay and Granny Smith apples infuse this Italian-inspired dessert with tart, refreshing flavor that's balanced by ripe strawberries. It makes a sophisticated dessert when served in stemless wineglasses.

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    Mint Julep Dip

    A cocktail as a dip? Count us in. Mint julep doubles as a sweet-yet-refreshing topper for just about anything, although we love it with our grilled donuts.

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    Peppered Pineapple Pops

    Can't decide between sweet and spicy? You don't have to! Mix a batch of refreshing pineapple-banana pops with your choice of vanilla or berry vodka. Zippy ground white pepper balances the sweetness of the ice pops.

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    Coffee Shake Shots

    Switch up your after-dinner-drinks routine with these decadent shooters: They're a drink and dessert rolled into one. Ice cream and coffee liqueur blend with milk until smooth; a swirl of chocolate syrup adds a sophisticated look. Sprinkle chocolate-covered coffee beans on top of each shot before serving.

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    Brownies with Brandied Cherries

    Brandy, sweet cherries, brownies, and vanilla gelato add up to one irresistible dessert. The brandy infuses fresh sweet cherries with warm, spiced flavor that balances the dark chocolate brownies.

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    Limoncello Sorbet with Grilled Strawberries

    What's better than sorbet? Sorbet infused with limoncello, of course. The tangy Italian liqueur adds refreshing flavor to each bite, and the grilled strawberries take on a delicious smoky flavor.

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    Sweet Cherry Truffles

    Truffles and brandy? Yes, please. These simple four-ingredient candies are filled with sweet cherry brandy and topped with your choice of crunchy pistachios, cocoa powder, or powdered sugar.

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    Mojito Sorbet

    Yes, you can eat your mojito with a spoon. This refreshing five-ingredient sorbet is made with all the classic mojito ingredients, including a splash of light rum.

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