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You don't need to be a seasoned bartender to mix up your favorite classic cocktails. With top-notch ingredients and simple techniques, these time-honored drink recipes are easy to make any time. So send out the cocktail party invites or plan a relaxing night in with the classics, from cooling mint juleps to sophisticated Manhattans.

Whiskey Sour

Bring vintage flair to your next cocktail party with our so-easy whiskey sour recipe -- no cocktail shaker required. Splashes of lemon and lime juice balance the sharp flavor of your favorite whiskey. A hint of sugar sweetens each sip.

Classic Margarita

There are hundreds of variations of the popular tequila drink, but our classic on-the-rocks recipe stays true to its Mexican roots. Fresh-squeezed lime juice cools the earthy taste of tequila, and triple sec adds an extra splash of citrus. Rimming the glasses with fine sugar creates delicious contrast.


With sparkling wine, peach nectar, and fresh fruit, oh-so-simple bellinis lend an air of sophistication to any occasion. We love the way the sweet peach balances the crisp wine. Add a few raspberries to each glass for an added burst of color.

Bloody Mary

This popular vodka cocktail's claim to fame is its unique and spicy blend of tangy tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, and cayenne pepper. Bloody Marys are easy to mix, so get creative and experiment with the ingredients to hone in on your ideal recipe.

Pisco Sour

The pisco sour, a traditional South American drink, is a refreshing balance of savory and sweet. With pisco (a spicy brandy), guava nectar, and angostura bitters (at 90 proof, a potent mixer), our cocktail calls for lime wedges and fresh mint to cool down each sip.


The old-fashioned is just that. Originating in the late 1800s, this drink's long-lived popularity is a testament to its delicious flavor. A dash of sugar muddled with bitters and an orange slice makes a citrusy-sweet base for this classic bourbon cocktail. Serve on the rocks in glass tumblers with a maraschino cherry.


This traditional Cuban cocktail might be the last word in refreshing drinks. Smooth light rum takes on a tart, cooling flavor as it's poured over muddled mint, sugar, and lime juice. Finish with extra mint leaves and lime wedges.

Light, refreshing, and minty - mojitos are the perfect party drink. Let us show you how to make a mojito that's easy, delicious, and sure to be the hit of your party.

How to Make a Mojito: 5 Easy Steps

You'll be the hit of your next party when you show off your mojito-making skills. It's easier than you think -- just follow our simple tips!


Brandy, lemon juice, and orange liqueur join forces in the simple, no-frills sidecar. The citrus liqueurs complement the spiced brandy, and a lemon peel twist adds color and zest. Serve in a chilled martini glass or on the rocks in a glass tumbler.


With just three ingredients and a maraschino cherry, Manhattans are as easy to make as they are timeless. Full-bodied bourbon, vermouth, and a dash of bitters are shaken and strained into a chilled glass for one seriously sophisticated classic cocktail.

Become a Cocktail Guru

Our NEW digital cocktail guide has everything you need to make the most delicious cocktails for any event.

Rum and Cola

You don't need to be at the bar or on the beach to relax with a rum and cola. With just four ingredients, it's easy to mix up your own batch at home. Diet soda helps keep each drink to 107 calories, and a splash of amaretto adds a delicous hint of almond flavor. Top each glass with a pretty orange peel twist.


Whether you prefer your martini shaken or stirred, these classic cocktails add a touch of sophistication to any occasion. Choose gin or vodka, then shake with dry vermouth and strain into a martini glass. A lemon peel twist or a toothpick threaded with olives makes a timeless finishing touch.

Mint Julep

This southern belle of cocktails has a rich history, but it's best known as the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. With three simple ingredients -- muddled fresh mint leaves, bourbon, and a hint of sugar -- it's easy to see why this popular drink recipe stands the test of time.

Tom Collins

This quick and easy gin cocktail is the perfect choice for your next party, or is just as tasty for a quiet night in. Lemon juice and a hint of sugar add complexity to the gin, and a splash of seltzer water makes each sip refreshing. Garnish with lemon wedges before serving.


Sweetened lime juice helps highlight the flavors of your favorite vodka or gin in our classic gimlet recipe. Shake, strain, and pour into chilled martini glasses with bright lime peel twists.

Sour Apple Martini

You'll love the slightly sour taste of this popular apple cocktail. Start with vodka or gin, then shake with sour apple schnapps. A splash of lemon-lime soda provides bubbles and balance for the tart schnapps.


Orange juice justifies mimosa's brunch-time reputation; bubbly champagne gives it company-worthy appeal. Our recipe features both orange juice and limeade concentrate, so each sip is extra citrusy. Serve with strawberry ice cubes for fruity flavor and a fun pop of color.

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