Bloody Mary Recipes

Whip up an amazing bloody mary from our collection of delicious recipes! You'll find variations made with vodka, tequila, and even beer. Plus, you'll get ideas for unique drink garnishes along with our best tips for hosting a cocktail party. Cheers!

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    Spicy Beer Mary

    Good thing this recipe makes a full pitcher; you'll need it! White pepper, hot pepper sauce, and spicy vegetable juice add an electric jolt to this unassuming drink that is offset by the crispness of (surprise!) lager beer.

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    Bloody Mary Gin and Tonic

    Bloody mary meet gin and tonic. A quick muddle of steak seasoning, cherry tomatoes, and lime is topped with gin and tonic making this cocktail perfect for breakfast, brunch, or any time really. 

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    Bloody Maria

    Tequila subs for traditional vodka in this spiced-up version of the tomatoey classic. Top each glass with a lemon wedge and halved jalapeno pepper, if you dare!

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    Bloody Mary Mix

    You don't have to brave the brunch crowd for a good bloody mary. The key? Get creative with your garnishes. Some of our favorites: bacon strips, shrimp skewers, pepperoncini, and pickles. 

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    Tomato Bacon Sipper

    You're looking at proof that everything is better with bacon. Sriracha, garlic, basil, and pepper bacon keep it extra savory. 

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    Make a Bloody Mary Bar!

    Half the fun of a bloody mary lies in the toppings. So treat your brunch buddies to a DIY station featuring tall asparagus, celery, and pickled okra spears, as well as smaller add-ins that fit well on skewers, such as olives, cocktail onions, and lemon wedges. Click below to download our free bloody mary bar printables!

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    Peppered Bacon Bloody Mary

    A double dose of freshly cracked black pepper and a hit of smoked paprika combine to give this upgraded bloody mary its bold flavor. Well, that and the slice of peppered bacon standing sentry inside the glass edge. (Seriously -- bacon in a bloody mary? Genius!)

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    Host Your Best Cocktail Party

    You need just three things to create a fun, vibrant get-together -- and great drinks are one of them. Watch to learn our other hosting secrets!

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    Mary McGregor

    No tomato juice on hand? No problem! This sweet take on a Mr. McGregor's spritzer uses vodka-spiked carrot juice as the base, and it's a darn tasty stand-in. (It might even become a new fave!)

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    Classic Bloody Mary

    When only the traditional drink will do, this lightly spiced bloody mary recipe has you covered. Squeeze in fresh lime juice for a bright citrus note, and don't forget a stalk of celery!

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    Salsa Bloody Mary

    This mary is hot, hot, hot. A cup of salsa gives it a south of the border spin. Garnish each glass with pickled jalapenos and avocado slices. 

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    Bloody Mary Beer

    Hosting a shindig or heading to a tailgate? This smooth-tasting bloody mary riff will serve you well -- along with seven of your closest friends! Whip up the mix, then add any beer you'd like just before serving, including nonalcoholic beer if you'd prefer a bloody mary beer mocktail.

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    Smokin' Bloody Maria

    There's a reason we call this fiery drink "smokin'" -- and it has a lot to do with the smoked jalapenos, smoked lemons, and even smoked ice cubes that go into this big, bold bloody maria. 

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    Tomato Juice Blend

    Not into spicy bloody marys? No problem. This juice blend calls for tomatoes, carrots, and sweet pepper for mild flavor. To make a classic mary, simply add a shot of vodka and garnish with olives. 

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    Chilled Spicy Tomato and Basil Bloody Mary

    Put fresh tomatoes and basil to the best possible use -- pureed into this thick, flavorful Bloody Mary. The other noteworthy ingredient in this unforgettable sipper? Pepper-flavor vodka. (You're welcome.)

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    Celery Mary

    This sweet and spicy cocktail has a secret ingredient -- celery soda. It gives the drink a refreshing, fizzy flavor. Can't find it? Substitute ginger ale with a pinch of crushed celery seeds. 

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    Tomato Juice Cocktail

    Make a big batch of this juice and you always a shot away from cocktail time. Just add vodka -- the spicy flavors you love like horseradish, hot sauce, and onion are already there. 

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    Garnish Idea: Hungarian Peppers

    Ever tried making your own pickled peppers? This recipe calls for a unique blend of wax peppers, tomato paste, beef broth, and sugar. The combination of sweet heat is perfect for topping your next Bloody Mary. 

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    Garnish Idea: Jamaican Jerk Pickle Chips

    For us, Bloody Mary's are all about the garnishes. These homemade pickle slices are spicy, sweet, and perfect for topping the classic cocktail.

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