Baked Goods with Beer

Think outside the pint glass with these 10 recipes for baked goods that include beer! Here's how to take a bite of your favorite brew.

Pumpkin Beer Soft Pretzels

Like pumpkin beer? Then you'll love these homemade soft pretzels, with real pumpkin and pumpkin beer right in the dough. Brushed with melted butter and dusted with pumpkin spice sugar, they're a fun and delicious treat.

Brown Sugar Beer Cookies

Beer. Cookies. Beer in cookies. Soft and chewy cookies made with your favorite brown ale.

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Cheddar-Mustard Beer Bread

Cheddar cheese and stone-ground mustard (and beer, of course) are a natural trio for this savory quick bread.

Honeycomb Crunch Chocolate Cake

Dense Chocolate Stout Cake is filled with caramel buttercream and rich stout, covered in dark chocolate ganache, and sprinkled with crunchy bits of honeycomb candy.

Chocolate Stout Mini-Bundt Cakes with Irish Whiskey Hard Sauce

Chocolate and stout pair up once again in these moist mini Bundts. The roasty malt flavors in the beer bring out all the best in chocolate cake, and the sweet and creamy Irish whiskey hard sauce is lick-the-plate delish!

Beer-Battered Bacon Waffles

Beer and bacon, they need no explanation. But here goes: The flavor from the beer, the saltiness of the bacon, and the sweetness (and then the kick) of the spicy caramel sauce makes the ultimate waffle.

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Stout Gingerbread with Lemony Hard Sauce

A rich, malty brew is a perfect complement to all the warm spice in this gingerbread Bundt. Finish it with a bright lemon hard sauce.

Gluten-Free Beer-Infused Strawberry Shortcakes with Fresh Whipped Cream

Topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, these beer-infused cakes are a refreshing treat.

Malted Guinness Beer Bread

With pleasantly chewy texture and notes of rich, malty chocolate, this beer bread is not for wimpy taste buds. But if you tend toward dark stouts and porters, dark chocolate, and dark coffee, you'll fall head over heals for it.

Stout Salted Caramel Opera Cake

A unique take on the classic layered opera cake, this version offers salted caramel, stout beer, blackberry, and dark chocolate.

Smoked Cheddar Loaf

Smoked cheddar cheese imparts the best flavor in this rich, moist bread. Light-color beer works best.

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