When the weather turns cooler, it's time for hot mixed drinks. Here you'll find our favorite warm cocktail recipes to thaw you, including spiked hot chocolate, boozy warm sipping punches, and more fabulous hot drinks with alcohol.
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A nice hot drink is our favorite way to warm up after spending any time in frigid winter temperatures. The only way to make get warm and cozy even quicker? Hot alcoholic drinks! Channel your inner mixologist and whip up a hot mixed drink tonight. We've got hot drinks made with wine, alcoholic hot chocolate drinks, and other warm holiday alcohol drinks for the 21+ folks at your next toast. You'll also get a few alcoholic cookie recipes and treat ideas to serve alongside our favorite hot liquor drinks.

Bourbon-Citrus Sipper
Credit: Andy Lyons

Bourbon Citrus Sipper

Apple cider and bourbon are a match made in mixology heaven, and the pair taste even better after a few hours in the slow cooker with sugar, sweet spices, and citrus slices. Serve with a few bourbon cranberry cookies for a more festive happy hour.

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Credit: Brie Passano

Earl Grey Hot Buttered Rum

Hot tea plus alcohol? Absolutely! This hot mixed drink upgrades the traditional hot buttered rum by steeping some Earl Grey hot tea ($3, Target) first. The homemade spiced butter features pumpkin pie spice and is the perfect way to add richness to your warm holiday drink. For a kid-friendly version (that can be spiked for the non-kids, too!), try this hot buttered yum.

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Hibiscus-Tequila Toddy
Credit: Andy Lyons

Hibiscus-Tequila Toddy

Floral and spa-like flavors such as hibiscus are in, so this is one hot alcoholic drink to try if you want to join the trend. A hibiscus tea gives this warm beverage the signature pink hue, while gold or silver tequila gives it the liquor boost. And did we mention this is a slow cooker ($50, Bed Bath & Beyond) recipe? That means it's the perfect warm cocktail for a crowd.

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Hot Orange Sipping Tea
Credit: Jason Donnelly

Hot Orange Sipping Tea

Since we've given you a few hot alcoholic drinks for a crowd on this roundup, here's a spiked tea recipe for one. In just 10 minutes, you can enjoy this citrus-infused tea cocktail made with orange liqueur and vanilla vodka. It'll be the perfect hot after dinner drink to wind down after a long day.

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Light Cranberry Hot Toddy
Credit: Marty Baldwin

Light Cranberry Hot Toddy

For a skinny warm cocktail look no further than this easy toddy recipe. Start with low-calorie cranberry juice and a few aromatics, and finish with a splash of bourbon, rum or orange juice, depending on your mood. At just 38 calories per serving, you won't feel guilty sipping on this delicious hot drink.

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Make-it-Mine Mulled Wine
Credit: Jason Donnelly

Make-It-Mine Mulled Wine

The best thing about this mulled wine recipe is that you can customize it to your favorite flavors (or whatever you've got on hand). Simply pick your spices, wine, fruit and type of juice from our suggestions and let it simmer in your slow cooker. Up your hot alcoholic drink skills even more by adding brandy, bourbon or spiced rum.

Raspberry Cocoa with Hazelnut Cream
Credit: Kritsada Panichgul

Raspberry Cocoa with Chocolate-Hazelnut Cream

Spike your hot cocoa with chocolate-hazelnut spread (and, oh yeah, raspberry liqueur) for a party in a glass. This cozy hot chocolate recipe stays warm in the slow cooker so you can enjoy it all evening long. Of course, you can also serve some variations of hot chocolate for non-alcohol drinkers.

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Keep the theme going with some delicious treats. Bourban fans will love snacking on brown sugar nuts or spiked chocolate chip cookies. And of course, we love festive desserts featuring alcohol such as a delicious eggnog pie, drunken sugarplums or margarita shortbread.


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