8 Fresh Veggie Cocktail Recipes for Drinking Your Greens

You know you need more fresh veggies in your diet, so let's squeeze some green juice and healthy cocktails into happy hour, shall we? This gorgeous group of blender, shaker, and juicing recipes is full of garden-fresh vegetables that go way, way beyond the Bloody Mary.

1. Celery and Cilantro Sipper

Juicing recipes are healthy even with vodka in them, right? We think so, and we are downright mesmerized by this recipe from Very Sarie. Look at that vibrant green color! A twist on the classic gimlet, this green juice features celery juice as the main component, backed with fresh cilantro, ginger syrup, and lime juice. And it's all topped off with a bright cucumber-basil-infused vodka.

By the way, when choosing vodka, remember that 80-proof vodka is a good choice for making low-calorie alcoholic drinks. It has less calories than 100-proof vodka.

2. Sweet and Spicy Golden Beet Shrub Cocktail

Fresh veggie recipes with beets always snag our attention, so it’s no wonder we couldn't pass up this recipe from Green Thumb White Apron. Indeed, beets in cocktail recipes are just the kind of perfect madness we adore. If you haven't yet tried a shrub (i.e., old-fashioned drinking vinegar), it is a lovely tart-sweet addition to your cocktails as well as for nonalcoholic juicing recipes. And a beet shrub? Come on. The sweet and savory earthiness of those beautiful golden roots is perfect with the tang of the vinegar. And then let's just throw on some spicy jalapeños (because why not?) and wash it all down with some vodka. Don't mind if we do!

P.S.: If you’ve given a pass to juicing recipes because you don’t have a fancy juicer, take a look at the recipe: You’ll see how a blender will work just fine.

3. Snap Pea and Mint Cocktail

We haven’t seen many veggie cocktails featuring snap peas, but now that we’ve spotted this beauty, we feel a trend coming on! This recipe from Fern + Shaker is one of those bright, fresh green-juice-inspired cocktail recipes that’s perfect for sipping in the garden. So much prettiness packed into a single glass: fresh sugar snap peas, limes, and mint, all adrift in a refreshing mix of pisco, herbal liqueur, and cucumber seltzer.

Be sure to check out this blogger’s secret weapon for making low-calorie alcoholic drinks: a four-calorie cucumber-flavor seltzer that adds fun and fizz without tons of extra calories.

4. Summer Sweet Corn and Limoncello Cocktail

Until a few years ago, you didn’t see many cocktail recipes flavored with corn. This amazing veggie cocktail from Drinking with Chickens was among the first to kick off the popular trend. And it is eye-openingly delicious. The juice of fresh summer corn makes a subtly sweet, creamy addition to homemade limoncello, muddled lemon basil and, of course, a healthy dose of moonshine.

Good news: This is another juicing recipe that doesn’t require a bona fide juicer. Use your blender to make the sweet “corn milk” that’s the defining ingredient in the drink.

5. Frozen Cucumber and Green Chartreuse Daiquiri

Frozen daiquiris are the quintessential summer drink. But let’s turn those traditional fruit-based cocktail recipes on their heads. By getting a little green-juice action going, this recipe from Stir and Strain is a little more savory than sweet, and a lot more refreshing. Cucumber, lime, and the surprising addition of herbal liqueur will definitely do that to a drink. Put a little rum in the mix, and it's like a summer garden party in a glass—not to mention an all-out fun way to drink your greens.

6. Rhubarb Mint Juleps

When you're looking for a vegetable juice cocktail with alcohol, don’t forget about rhubarb! Yes! Rhubarb is (technically) a vegetable! These pretty juleps from Holly & Flora are all about that garden-grown treat. Homemade rhubarb liqueur is the star of the show, and it pairs perfectly with fresh mint, strawberries, and tarragon. Let's not forget the bourbon. Never forget the bourbon. We think this spirit tastes especially good in rhubarb-flavor cocktail recipes.

7. Garden Salad Gin & Tonic

If you truly love veggie cocktails, how about an entire garden salad in a glass? With extra virgin olive oil-infused gin. You read that right. But we'll give you a second to re-read, because this recipe from Green Thumb White Apron deserves a dramatic pause. Beyond the incredible gin infusion, you've got a muddling of fresh tomatoes and cucumber, as well as an aromatic assortment of herbs pulled straight from the garden.

Tip: If you’re in the market for low-calorie alcoholic drinks, diet tonic water is an option in this recipe—but only if you use a premium choice. For the best flavor, avoid those with artificial sweeteners and choose one sweetened with natural fructose (fruit sugar) instead. Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Tonic Water is a good option.

8. Bell Pepper, Radish, and Carrot Cocktail

When we were on the hunt for juicing recipes that called for carrots, this fabulous choice from Garlic, My Soul had us doing a double take. First of all: the color. Second of all: bell pepper, radish, and carrot juice. Is this real life? Pull out the chilled vodka and let's find out. PS: It’s a great choice if you’re looking for healthy cocktails with no added sugar.

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