But you should drink them anyway (obviously)!

By Kate Richards

1. Lilac 75

Oh, does it get any lovelier than the heavenly lilac? With an intoxicating fragrance, it seems only reasonable that we should be able to sip it in a cocktail. Enter the Lilac 75, a floral spin on the classic French 75 cocktail. This recipe, created by Holly and Flora for Eat Boutique, takes the cocktail's traditional gin, lemon juice, and champagne and gives it a sweet floral upgrade with the addition of homemade lilac syrup and a sprinkling of fresh lilac blossoms as garnish.

2. Nasturtium and Grapefruit Paloma

Nasturtium blossoms, with their happy colors, just beg to be cocktailed-up. Emily Han knows this well. In her refreshing Paloma variation recipe, Emily blends peppery, muddled nasturtium leaves and blossoms with tart grapefruit and lime, sweet agave syrup, and tequila. It's all topped off with a kick of club soda bubbles, a lime wedge, and bright nasturtium blooms.

3. Lavender-Strawberry Jam Spritzer

Lavender is arguably one of the most popular floral cocktail ingredients these days because it's so pretty and aromatic, and it makes a heck of a nice stir stick. Now Green Thumb White Apron has combined it with fresh strawberry jam, vanilla-infused vodka, lemon juice, and club soda -- and life will just never be the same. The Lavender-Strawberry Jam Spritzer recipe is pretty much the cocktail equivalent of summer.

4. Bougainvillea Cocktail

How can there not be a cocktail named after the gorgeous bougainvillea? As vibrant as the flower, this pink drink from Drinking with Chickens pulls its floral flavors from hibiscus tea and elderflower liqueur. But wait! There's more: fresh blood orange juice, maraschino liqueur, cardamom bitters, and homemade grenadine, all topped off with pink sparkling wine and a single bougainvillea blossom as garnish.

5. Garden Gimlet

If you're unfamiliar with the endless virtues of borage, let it be known that it is one of the hardest-working herbs in the kitchen garden. It also happens to have the loveliest blue flowers and a completely unexpected and subtle cucumber flavor. The perfectly botanical Garden Gimlet recipe from The Ranger's Daughter combines borage with basil in a sweet honey syrup, then layers it with gin, lime, and a splash of club soda. Don't forget to freeze pretty little borage blossoms into those ice cubes!

6. Absinthe Orange and Chamomile Gin Fizzes

For centuries, chamomile has been implemented for its medicinal purposes, and Holly and Flora got the prescription you didn't even know you needed: Absinthe Orange + Chamomile Gin Fizzes. Let's just all take a moment to marinate in this masterfully eclectic blend of flavors: syrup made from dried chamomile blossoms, a spoonful of absinthe-infused orange marmalade (WHAT?!), and orange bitters that elevate this gin fizz to a whole other level. And that egg white froth just begs for a few chamomile blooms to float, nay levitate, as garnish.

7. Rose Mint Cucumber Cooler

If you're looking for a garden in a glass, the Rose Mint Cucumber Cooler from Good Drink is it. This thoroughly botanical cocktail gets its lovely floral vibes from rosewater and elderflower liqueur, along with the bright green flavors of cucumber, mint, lime, and gin. Fresh rose petals and mint leaves make a perfectly pretty garnish.

8. Citrus Blossom Sangria

Have you ever stood beneath a blooming citrus tree just drinking in that spectacular fragrance? Now you can be literal about it because Drinking with Chickens put it in a cocktail. This Citrus Blossom Sangria recipe harnesses that fragrance with a citrus blossom simple syrup, and then embellishes it with elderflower and orange liqueurs, a blend of fresh citrus juice, and lots of white wine. And because it's sangria, you let that all just soak into a pitcher full of citrus slices and garnish liberally with fresh blossoms.

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