10 Surprising Things to Do with Alcohol

Most recipes, including chicken, burgers, jelly, and dips, improve with booze. Therefore, we stress that you fix yourself a drink and get cooking with one of our clever alcohol-infused recipes. Happy hour starts now.

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    Alcohol In Recipes

    Beer becomes a braise, amaretto elevates preserves, and rum masters the mocha. We offer a toast to these excellent ways to finish off a bottle.

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    #1: Use Beer to Braise

    Rather than braising meat in plain old water, we immersed tender chicken thighs in brown ale. Dinner never saw this coming -- bottoms up!

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    #2: Add Liqueur to Chocolate Syrup

    Breakfast goes over the top with a bit of booze. In the case of these chocolate waffles, smooth coffee liqueur infuses the syrup. That's called starting the day off right.

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    #3: Perk Up Cherry Jelly

    Ah, breakfast. The perfect time for crisp toast, tart cherry jelly, and a hearty splash of liqueur. A batch of our amaretto-spiked jelly will have you jumping out of bed.

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    #4: Make a Juicier Burger

    You'll be shocked to know that classic grilled burgers can get even better.The secret? Whiskey, of course. Whiskey-cheddar filling makes an extra-juicy burger with a smoky kick.

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    Bonus Idea: Boozy Baking

    Combine dessert and liqueur for the ultimate treat. Get all the tipsy tricks you need here.

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    #5: Mix Whiskey with Butter

    This is a love story about whiskey and butter. Salty and sweet, rich and warm, the unlikely pair combines for just about the best steak topper we've ever had. Whiskey-soaked shallots and fresh herbs don't hurt, either.

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    #6: Infuse Your French Toast

    Baking with alcohol is a scrumptious idea. Here, amaretto-soaked brioche gains a gooey, caramelized finish in the oven. Top the hooch-infused breakfast with sugared blackberries.

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    #7: Spike a Mocha

    Irish coffee is so yesterday. Sip on a warm rum mocha instead. A surprising splash of rum fits right in with creamy white chocolate and vanilla for a drink that's part coffee, part cocktail.

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    #8: Tranform Cocktails into Dip

    A cocktail as a dip? Pure genius! Here, we dunked grilled doughnuts in refreshing bourbon-laced mint julep dip. Cheers!

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    #9: Make a Brine for Grilled Meat

    If you're wondering what to do with a lonely bottle of stout in the fridge, a brine is the perfect solution. Before sending pork chops to the grill, we love soaking them in rich stout and molasses for a tangy-sweet taste.

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    #10: Add Rum to Desserts

    Loaded with tropical flavors like coconut and creamy mashed banana, this island-inspired cheesecake was missing one thing: rum! Oaky dark rum is the ticket for easy bars with a gourmet taste.

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    Bonus Idea: Marinate Fish

    For an out-of-the-ordinary dinner, the first step is a splash of the hard stuff. Rum, that is. Marinate your fish in a refreshing rum-lime mixture. Then top it with rich cocoa-laced chopped almonds.

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