Iced Tea Recipes

Chai Punch
It's amazing what a tea bag can do. When brewed with boiling water and put on ice, it's a standard iced tea, the official drink of summer. Infused with fruit, it's a party-ready sipper. Mixed with lemonade, it's an Arnold Palmer. Spiked with vodka, it's an adults-only punch. Time to get seeping with our formulas for tasty iced teas.

Strawberry Iced Tea

Strawberries + brown sugar + water + lemons + fresh rosemary + tea bags

Twin Oaks Almond Iced Tea

Sugar + water + tea bags + almond extract

Garden Tea Punch

Sugar + fresh mint + orange juice + lemon juice + brewed tea + club soda

Refresh with a homemade iced tea. We've got two ways to make it: One the stovetop and in the refrigerator.

Iced Tea, Explained

Two ways to make iced tea: on the stove top and in the refrigerator.

Sparkling Red and Green Tea

Frozen cranberry-raspberry concentrate + sparkling water + green tea bags + raspberries + lemon + water

Sweet Tea Swagger

Brown sugar + black tea bags + water + dark rum + lime juice + club soda + seedless watermelon + lime + fresh mint

Green Tea Soda

Honey + green tea bags + water + assorted fresh fruit + sparkling water + fresh mint

From muddling to adding mint, we show you how to make a tasty Arnold Palmer cocktail. Our mint-infused take on the classic recipe is simple and refreshing.

Minted Arnold Palmer

Mint + vodka + brewed sweet tea + lemonade + lemon

Spiced Cranberry Tea Punch

White grape juice + tea bags + water + cranberry juice cocktail + sugar + cinnamon + allspice + cloves + lemon + orange

Lime-Tea Punch

Honey + black tea bags + water + frozen limeade concentrate + ginger ale + lime

Cranberry-Ginger Tea

Red rooibos tea bags + fresh ginger + cranberry sauce + water

Minted Mango Tea

Mango slices + pineapple juice + green tea bags + fresh mint + water + sugar

Peach-Mint Green Tea

Peach nectar + green tea bags + mint leaves + sugar + water

Chai Punch

Sugar + chai tea concentrate + cinnamon + basil + lime + orange + club soda

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