People have been enjoying a refreshing glass of tea for centuries. Whether you prefer it hot for a winter warm-up or iced for a summer cooldown, we can get you started with our amazing collection of recipes, how-tos, plus some creative ideas for throwing your own party. Tea is just one of those drinks that easily combines with an abundance of flavors. We take advantage of its versatility and pair it with strawberries, mint, apricots, peaches, mango, raspberries, citrus, spices, plus much more. And if it's sunny outside, we provide simple step-by-step instructions for making a basic sun tea. A popular morning beverage along with coffee, smoothies, and punch, it's a great addition to your breakfast menu with our crowd-pleasing recipes for pancakes and waffles, casseroles, pastries and doughnuts, breads and rolls, and egg dishes. You'll also want to check out our tea party ideas that make it a fun celebration.

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Cherry-Ginger Coolers

Ginger's slightly spicy bite melds well with sweet cherries and refreshing mint in whichever of these drink recipes you choose to create.
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Matcha Tea Is Suddenly Everywhere. Here's Why.

Can you sip your way to better health? Quite possibly, thanks to matcha tea. Emerging research finds it can help combat cancer and heart disease, along with offering a host of other health benefits. Here’s everything you need to know about matcha, including how to add it to your diet and where to buy it.
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Hibiscus-Lemon Water

Create this elegant iced tea recipe in only 20 minutes for a quick drink idea when summer guests stop by. Garnish with fresh lemon slices or hibiscus flowers to really make it fancy.
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Iced Tea Granita

Iced tea is delicious, of course, but sometimes it's just not enough on a hot summer day. Enter this iced tea granita--it's like Italian ice and iced tea all rolled into one!
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Iced Tea Recipes

It's amazing what a tea bag can do. When brewed with boiling water and put on ice, it's a standard iced tea, the official drink of summer. Infused with fruit, it's a party-ready sipper. Mixed with lemonade, it's an Arnold Palmer. Spiked with vodka, it's an adults-only punch. Time to get seeping with our formulas for tasty iced teas.
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How to Make Kombucha

Kombucha tea is a fermented tea gaining popularity for its health benefits as a functional drink. You can find lots of kombucha tea products in health food stores and on supermarket shelves, but you can make kombucha at home using our kombucha recipe and tips for how to make kombucha, from making the SCOBY to bottling the finished kombucha.
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Chai Tea Toddy

Cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, and fresh ginger all play a role in developing the delicious flavors in this slow cooker drink. It's perfect for sipping on cold winter nights.