Refreshing Ice Cream Float Recipes

There's nothing better than an ice cream float on a sweltering summer day. But for a long time, floats have been limited to root beer and vanilla ice cream. Not anymore -- we're replacing root beer and plain ice cream in these float recipes and bringing you our favorite new ice cream and soda combos.

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    Sparkling Rose Blueberry Floats

    These pretty floats are sure to impress friends and family at a summer barbecue or cookout. Refreshing blueberry granita and creamy coconut gelato pair with sparkling rose to create these showstopper floats. Add fresh blueberries for even more bright summer flavor. 

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    Guinness Float

    This beer float is for adults only -- instead of soda, Guinness stout beer mixes with vanilla ice cream in this delectable float. Just be prepared for the thick foam on top!

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    Ice Cream Soda Floats: Three Fun New Flavors!

    With different flavors of soda and ice cream, you can create any type of float you want! We show you a few options, including caramel apple, with rich dulce de leche ice cream and green apple soda.

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    Ginger-and-Mint Lime Floats

    Fresh ginger, lime juice, and club soda make this float fruity and delicious. The use of lime sorbet, instead of traditional ice cream, ensures that this drink is extra refreshing.

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    Fresh Fruit Float

    Your choice of fresh fruit adds texture to this fizzy float recipe. Customize it however you like by choosing a flavor of sherbet to complement the fruit and lemon-lime soda.

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    Sparkling Grapefruit Sorbet Floats

    This float can be made for adults only with Italian Prosecco, or it can be kid-friendly with sparkling cider. Either one is both easy and tasty with the fresh grapefruit sorbet and vanilla ice cream in this simple float recipe.

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    Vanilla-Chocolate Float

    This so-easy float is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth in a matter of minutes. Chocolate ice cream and cream soda create an irresistible treat that the whole family will enjoy.

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    Vanilla Dream Float

    This ice cream float keeps it simple and flavorful with cookie dough ice cream and cream soda. To add greater color contrast to the float, purchase cream soda in an amber shade instead of clear -- this will create swirls of color as the soda and ice cream mix together.

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    Fizzy Mint-Chocolate Soda

    Who doesn't love mint and chocolate? This fast float uses mint chocolate chip ice cream, creme de menthe, chocolate syrup, and cream soda to transform the classic dessert combo into a stunning summer float.

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    Rootin' Vodka Float

    This grown-up float is simple, classic, and delicious -- just combine vanilla ice cream with root beer vodka and club soda. It brings the same flavors as a root beer float but with an adult twist.

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    Irish Cream Float

    Irish cream liqueur gives this float a boozy boost, while carbonated water adds the classic ice cream float bubbliness. Alternate adding chocolate and vanilla ice cream to create levels of rich flavor in this decadent float.

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    Sparkling Sorbet Floats

    Combine your favorite juice with club soda to create these dazzling floats. Or, for a more sophisticated treat, try using champagne instead of carbonated fruit juice.


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