Refreshing Ice Cream Float Recipes

Rootin’ vodka float
There's nothing better than an ice cream float on a sweltering summer day. But for a long time, floats have been limited to root beer and vanilla ice cream. Not anymore! We're replacing root beer and plain ice cream in these float recipes and bringing you our favorite new ice cream and soda combos.

Sparkling Rosé Blueberry Floats

These pretty floats are sure to impress friends and family at a summer barbecue or cookout. Refreshing blueberry granita and creamy coconut gelato pair with sparkling rosé to create these showstopper floats. Add fresh blueberries for even more bright summer flavor. 

Champagne Float

Pour yourself a glass of bubbly, and this time add a little extra sweetness! A far cry from a traditional root beer float, this grown-up version features lemon sorbet and raspberries with champagne poured on top. It's definitely a classier version of a classic float, but it's just as tasty. To make each glass even more elegant, garnish with a lemon twist before you start sipping.

Black Cow

THIS is the classic soda shop float we remember from childhood! Start with a generous drizzle of chocolate syrup, then add a little root beer and mix the two before adding vanilla ice cream. Top it off with root beer and a swirl of whipped cream to make this float just right. And naturally, it's not complete unless there's a cherry on top.

Ginger Beer Shandy Floats

Put a twist on a summery lemon shandy by turning it into an ice cream float! In place of lemonade, ginger beer makes this float super fizzy, while the addition of fruity wheat beer means it's strictly adults-only. Big scoops of vanilla ice cream turn this drink into a float that will make any adult feel like a kid again. 

Guinness Float

This beer float is for adults only! Instead of soda, Guinness stout beer mixes with vanilla ice cream in this delectable float. Just be prepared for the thick foam on top!

Hot Chocolate-Stout Float

This recipe gets its hot chocolate name from an easy fudge sauce, which is heated with chocolate stout before making the float. Add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream to your glass, pour on plenty of the fudge sauce mixture, and finish with a generous pour of more chocolate stout beer. If you want to make this float even more photo-worthy, top with a few edible flower petals before serving.

Ginger-and-Mint Lime Floats

Fresh ginger, lime juice, and club soda make this float fruity and fizzy. Using lime sorbet, instead of traditional ice cream, ensures that this drink is extra refreshing.

Strawberry-Lime Float

This float is just what it sounds like: lime sherbet with strawberry soda poured on top. It's a delicious, refreshing treat for anyone who can't get enough of fruity summer flavors. Salt the rim of your glass before making this float to contrast with all of the sweetness.

Sparkling Grapefruit Sorbet Floats

Make this float for the 21+ crowd with Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine), or make it kid-friendly with sparkling cider. Both are easy and tasty with the fresh grapefruit sorbet and vanilla ice cream in this simple float recipe.

Vanilla-Chocolate Float

This so-easy float is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth in a matter of minutes. Think of it like a clever twist on a root beer float! Chocolate ice cream and cream soda create an irresistible treat the whole family will enjoy.

Caramel Apple Float

Caramel apples are definitely more than just an autumn treat. In fact, you can transform them into a refreshing summer dessert with this super-easy float recipe! By combining dulce de leche ice cream and green apple soda, you can make a float that tastes just like a caramel apple. (Adding a drizzle of caramel sauce helps, too.)

Vanilla Dream Float

This ice cream float keeps it simple and scrumptious with cookie dough ice cream and cream soda. To create swirls of color as the soda and ice cream mix together, purchase amber-color cream soda instead of clear.

Fizzy Mint-Chocolate Soda

Who doesn't love mint and chocolate? This fast float uses mint chocolate chip ice cream, creme de menthe, chocolate syrup, and cream soda to transform the classic dessert combo into a delicious summer treat.

Rootin' Vodka Float

This grown-up float is a twist on the classic vanilla milkshake. Just combine vanilla ice cream with root beer-flavor vodka and club soda. It offers the same flavors as a root beer float but with an adult twist.

Grape-Raspberry Float

Grape soda fans: This is the float for you! When you pour grape soda over raspberry sorbet, the result is a delicious and refreshing soda float that just screams summer. Dress up your glass and add a little freshness by garnishing with a skewer of raspberries.

Irish Cream Float

Irish cream liqueur gives this float a boozy boost, while carbonated water lends classic ice cream float bubbles. Alternate adding chocolate and vanilla ice cream to create levels of rich flavor in this decadent float.

Sparkling Sorbet Floats

Combine your favorite juice with club soda to create these dazzling floats. Or, for a more sophisticated treat, try using champagne instead of carbonated fruit juice.

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