Ice Cube Ideas for Summer Drink Recipes

These clever ideas for ice cubes keep your drink at full strength while still helping you stay cool.

The Ice Tip to Save Your Summer Drink

Don't just freeze boring water! Try these ideas to keep your summer drinks from getting diluted by melted ice:

  • Freeze wine for sangria. Be sure to freeze red wine for red sangrias and white wine for white sangria recipes.
  • Freeze fresh cut-up fruit for lemonade. Leave pieces of fruit sticking out of the mold for added visual appeal.
  • Freeze coffee to add to iced coffee. Stop dumping that last gulp from the coffee pot because it doesn't fit in your mug—freeze it for a cold brew coffee day. Get our DIY Cold Brew Coffee recipe here.
  • Freeze orange juice for mimosas. Or for a kid-friendly use, add carbonated lemon-lime soda over orange juice cubes and mash with a fork for an orange slush drink.
  • Freeze lemonade to add to iced tea to make Arnold Palmers or just to keep your lemonade cold as you sit outside sipping it.

Fruit Ice Cubes

Fruity Ice Cubes

For punch recipes or glasses of fruit juice, you can also make fruit ice cubes from pureed fresh fruit. Add fresh herbs or edible flowers to the cubes for even more visual appeal.

If you're planning to serve punch at a party, get our tips for making a gorgeous ice ring or fruit ice cups for pretty display.

Summer Drink Recipes

Tequila Sunrise Margarita

Put these ice tricks to use in our favorite summer drink recipes.

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