Fall Cocktails: Reasons to Love the Season

These fall cocktails will help you say farewell to the shandys and margaritas of summer and hello to the warm toddys and whiskey cocktails of autumn. Raise a glass to this bountiful season with one of our favorite fall drinks.

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    Mexican Hot Coffee Cocktails

    This coffee is for a chilly autumn evening instead of the morning. A few pinches of cinnamon and chile pepper add fall flavors and heat to these chocolatey coffee cocktails.

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    Blushing Maple Cocktail

    This rosemary and maple syrup cocktail gets its "blush" (and its flavor) from sliced kumquats and fresh cranberries. Muddle these ingredients with a splash of bourbon, and sip this fall sunset-colored cocktail as an after-dinner refreshment.

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    Mulled Riesling Punch

    Just because it's cooler outside doesn't mean you have to ditch your favorite summer white wine. Add in cardamom and allspice, plus a touch of honey and brandy, and make a rich fall drink that hits all the right notes.

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    Grand Autumn Cocktail

    Just like the autumn leaves, this cocktail fades from crimson red to a sunshine yellow. The gorgeous colors of this drink might lure you in, but the combination of ginger beer and whiskey will leave you wanting more.

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    Cranberry Orange Rosemary Cocktail

    Cranberry juice? Check. Fresh rosemary? Check. All that's left is topping these frozen drinks with bubbly Prosecco—and sharing them with your friends at a fall party, of course.

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    Cinnamon-Pumpkin Toddy

    A hot toddy that includes pumpkin and homemade cinnamon whipped cream can't be wrong! Fall drinks have never been better than this pumpkin, whiskey, and apple-cinnamon schnapps wonder.

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    Hot Cranberry Punch

    Cinnamon sticks, cloves, and fresh cranberries make this hot punch scream fall. The rum is optional, but we think a splash of it is essential on a chilly fall night.

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    Black Patent

    With the arrival of fall, the time for light beers has passed. Deep, rich stout with chocolate undertones is where it's at this season. This autumn cocktail mixes your favorite dry stout with chocolate vodka, lemon juice, and simple syrup for a rich and thick fall drink.


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    Hot Buttered Cider

    Hot buttered rum is a fall cocktail art form. Start by steeping a bag of warm fall spices in apple cider, then add 1/2 cup of rum. In two steps, you've created an apple cider cocktail masterpiece.

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    Tennessee Cherry Cocktail

    Cherries, chocolate, and whiskey. Do we need to say any more about this fall cocktail recipe? We didn't think so.


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    Autumn Sangria

    Here it is: a fall sangria recipe that's totally ready for its close-up. Fresh figs, plums, and apricots infuse autumnal flavors in bold red wine and cider. 


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    Don't mess with a classic. The autumn hues from bourbon, an orange slice, and the essential cherry garnish make this traditional drink the perfect fall mixed drink for sipping on a crisp autumn evening.


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    Whiskey Beet Cocktail

    Alright, we know beets aren't a usual cocktail ingredient, but hear us out: Beets are harvested through late fall, making them a delicious and colorful seasonal ingredient to include. Plus, adding almost a cup of maple syrup keeps this whiskey drink from becoming too bitter.

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    Hot Orange Sipping Tea

    Drink this hot tea and citrus cocktail for its warming effect on a cold night. We can't imagine anything better than sipping on this fall drink in front of a crackling fire!


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    Apple Cider Punch Martini

    We don't know about you, but when fall arrives all we want to sip on in the evenings is an apple cider cocktail. In this fall cocktail recipe, apple cider shifts into a fresh champagne cocktail that gets an extra burst of fall flavor from a thin apple garnish.

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    Quick Horchata Cocktail

    Our vanilla and cinnamon-infused horchata recipe is one smooth operator. It fits in deliciously when you're hosting a fiesta or just looking for a cozy fall drink for adults.

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    Hot Scarlet Wine Punch

    Cinnamon and cloves give this Zinfandel punch recipe its warm fall flavor. For party-perfect presentation, serve this boozy fall punch recipe with a cranberry-cinnamon swizzle stick.

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    Mulled Cider and Pineapple Cocktail

    Don't let the summery pineapple fool you! With rum, cinnamon, and star anise, this apple cider cocktail is all fall. Not convinced? Add a cinnamon stick as a garnish.


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    Cranberry-Clementine Sangria

    We saturated this fall sangria recipe with autumn's beautiful reds and oranges. Enjoy a well-deserved glassful as a reward when you've finished raking the leaves.


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    Maple Concord

    Whiskey and grapes don't pair up often, but when they do, it's a little bit magical. A drizzle of maple simple syrup brings even more rich fall flavor to these pretty autumn cocktails.


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    Blood Orange Bourbon

    Essentially a blushing old-fashioned, this pretty party drink capitalizes on in-season citrus in the form of fresh blood oranges to create an autumn cocktail that mimics the color of a fall sunset.


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    Fans of a stiff drink will love this cool-weather classic. If you tend to favor fall drinks with a lower alcohol content, beware: The Manhattan may knock off your fashionable fall boots!


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    Whiskey Sour

    A whiskey sour is like the September of cocktails—it's thinking about fall, but not fully ready to let go of summer. Lemon and lime juice keep things summery, while the whiskey base starts your drink transition to fall.


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