11 Festive Fall Drink Recipes to Deliciously Spice Up the Season

Golden Wassail
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Get that cozy autumn warmth with our creative collection of decadent, intensely flavored fall drink recipes. Our assortment includes adults-only and family-friendly drinks featuring the best ingredients of the moment—from apples, cranberries, and pears to pumpkin spice. So whether you're looking for a refreshing fall drink recipe for the year's last outdoor picnic, or something warm to sip as you light the season's first fire, you'll have these drinks on repeat all season long.

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Apple Cider Cocktails

Hot Spiced Apple Cider in clear glass with orange peel
Blaine Moats

These spiced apple cider drinks are sips of warmth to tame the fall chill. Try all four to decide which you like best. You can make them in your slow cooker for an all-day aroma that brings autumn indoors.

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Maple Concord

maple concord cocktail
Kristada Panichgul

Harvested in September and October, concord grapes are true harbingers of autumn. Combine their rich, sweet juice with the hearty flavors of maple syrup and whiskey for a drink that deserves a top spot on your roster of fall alcoholic drink recipes. P.S.: If you love the taste of concord grapes as much as we do, enjoy it in this Grape Juice Jelly recipe.

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Apple Cider Punch

Apple Cider Punch
Tina Rupp

What's the best way to find fall drink recipes that are non-alcoholic? Look for sips that star apple cider. This quintessential autumn ingredient offers the kind of heft and body we love in our autumn drinks. Yet when mixed with fruit juice, lemon juice, and sparkling grape juice, it's a wonderfully refreshing quaff, too.

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Snickerdoodle Cider Mimosa

snickerdoodle-style cider mimosa in glass
Brie Passano

If you're on the hunt for fall drink recipes that are perfect for brunch, here's one to consider. This autumn spin on the mimosa showcases apple cider and cinnamon, the season's quintessential baking spice. For dessert, follow through on the snickerdoodle theme with these irresistible Brown Butter Snickerdoodle Cookie Cups.

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Mexican Hot Coffee Cocktail

Mexican Hot Coffee Cocktails
Andy Lyons

Quick! Before all the leaves are gone, dine on the patio one last time amidst autumn's blaze of color. This eye-opening fall festive drink recipe features coffee, Kahlua, rum, and toasty spices to keep everyone warm on a crisp fall day. Serve it with a home-baked coffee cake fora casual weekend get-together with friends.

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Cardamom Old Fashioned

cardamom old fashioned
Andy Lyons

Attention craft cocktail enthusiasts! Try this one-of-a-kind drink if you're looking for fall alcoholic drink recipes that show off your mixology skills. Its burnished amber color hints at the fall-toned flavors you'll enjoy in every sip. Yes—there are a few steps involved, so keep the serve-along simple with an easy charcuterie board.

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Pear Old-Fashioned

short glass of Pear Old-Fashioned cocktail with pear slice garnish
Brie Passano

When autumn's best pears arrive at the market, snag a few to garnish this lovely fall festive drink recipe. It's anchored by bourbon and bitters—two key ingredients in a classic Old Fashioned, but we've swapped the classic's orange slice and maraschino cherry for a bit of pear nectar and sliced ripe pears. The result is one smooth—and delightfully seasonal—sip.

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Cranberry Pisco Sour

Cranberry Pisco Sour
Carson Downing

Harvested mid-September through mid-November, sweet-tart cranberries make a dazzlingly colorful and irresistibly tasty base for your fall drink recipes. Here, the crimson fruit brings a remarkable North American touch to a quintessential South American cocktail, the Pisco Sour, which is especially popular in Chile and Peru. Be sure to garnish drinks with sugared cranberries to showcase the showstopping fruit.

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Earl Grey Hot Buttered Rum

Earl Grey Hot Buttered Rum
Brie Passano

The velvety-smooth richness that a pat of butter brings to a hot cocktail is simply magical. Now, autumn-ize the experience by imbuing the butter with pumpkin pie spice. Add fragrant Earl Grey tea to the mix, and you've got one legendary fall drink recipe. It's another winning sip from our Test Kitchen Senior Culinary Specialist (and resident cocktail ace), Juliana Hale.

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Cinnamon-Pumpkin Toddy

Cinnamon-Pumpkin Toddy
Andy Lyons

This irresistible fall cocktail recipe combines three top flavors of the season: pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon. Serve it fireside to warm up guests at your next party. Bonus: No last-minute stirring or shaking needed here! The recipe cooks up in your slow cooker, so most of the prep work happens up to 1½ to 4 hours in advance.

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Ginger Soda

Ginger Soda
Matthew Clark

Ginger is the spicy-warm star of this super-refreshing five-ingredient handcrafted soda. With lemon juice for extra zip, this fall drink recipe is one of our go-to sips when we're looking for non-alcoholic options. Try the ginger syrup in other cocktail recipes, or spice up a cup of tea. The DIY syrup keeps up to 2 weeks in the fridge.

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