9 Infused Water Recipes to Make It Easier to Hit Your Water Quota

Mango-Pineapple Water in tall glass
Photo: Marty Baldwin

Struggling to hit your daily water quota? Give one of our infused water ideas a try. Hydrating fruits and flavored water drinks such as sparkling water mocktails fruit-infused waters make it a breeze (rather than a hassle) to hit that eight-or-so glasses a day.

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Orange-Mint Water

Orange-Mint Water in pitcher
Marty Baldwin

Orange and mint make quite the refreshing pair in this infused water recipe. Freshly-squeezed orange juice provides a tangy-sweet flavor while the mint leaves add a cooling finish to every sip. Feel free to sweeten your glass with a bit of sugar or simple syrup, if you want.

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Watermelon-Berry Limeade

Watermelon-Berry Limeade in clear glass
Andy Lyons

How refreshing! This blended beverage contains enough produce to count as a serving of fruit, plus a half cup of coconut water for a hit of electrolytes.

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Mango-Pineapple Water

Mango-Pineapple Water in tall glass
Marty Baldwin

One sip of this fruit water drink will instantly transport you to a sunny beach (or maybe poolside). Allow chunks of mango and of pineapple to infuse the water overnight. If you have any pineapple sage or mint in the herb garden, use that as a garnish.

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Green Tea Soda

Green Tea Soda
Frances Janisch

Boost the hydration factor of this lightly sweetened green tea mocktail by mixing each serving with about a half cup of chilled sparkling water. Try any berry flavor to play off the fresh fruit in the mix.

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Cantaloupe-Peach Agua Fresca

Cantaloupe-Peach Agua Fresca
Carson Downing

Cantaloupe's high water content is one delicious way to stay get your daily fruit intake while also hydrating. Here we blend together whopping 6 cups of the fruit along with peaches, coconut water, and lemon juice. Frozen cantaloupe and peaches serve as the ice replacements to prevent your agua fresca from watering down.

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Rose-Scented Water

Rose-Scented Water in small glasses
Marty Baldwin

Roses aren't just pretty to look at—they can also add floral flavor to drinks and desserts. Here we add both rose petals (make sure you use untreated roses that are not from your florist) and rose water to the pitcher. Serve this infused water at your next tea party alongside some rose donuts.

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Strawberry Water

Strawberry Water in pitcher and two tall glasses
Marty Baldwin

Summer-ripe strawberries add a fun pop of color to this DIY flavored water. After the strawberry slices steep overnight (this gives your infused water a nice pink hue), strain and add in fresh whole strawberries to the pitcher before serving.

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Hibiscus-Lemon Water

Hibiscus-Lemon Water

Not only does the hibiscus give a pleasant floral taste to your water, but it also adds a vibrant red-pink hue to the drink. This DIY flavored water serves eight and only takes 20 minutes total to make, so it will be perfect for summer gatherings.

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Hit-the-Spot Lemon Water

Hit-the-Spot Lemon Water
Colleen Duffley

When it comes to infused water ideas, this one will take the top spot. Simply combine your favorite garden-fresh herbs (mint or basil are fabulous) with lemons for a water and fruit drink that's healthy and refreshing.

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