How to Make an Ice Ring That’s Party-Ready

The party invites are sent, and you chose the punch recipe. Now learn how to make an ice ring for punch that doubles as a pretty centerpiece. Layer fresh fruits, herbs, and even edible flowers to make a beautiful ring of ice. If you don't have time to freeze a whole ring, we've got ideas for ice cups and ice shards, too.

Add a punch of color to your punch bowl with this fruity and floral ice ring.

How to Make an Ice Ring

An ice ring can keep your beverage cold for an hour or more, making it perfect for parties. You can use a 10-inch tube pan or a fluted cake pan for your mold. Silicone pans work especially well and make unmolding easier. Make sure the ice ring will fit into your punch bowl. To make sure the ice ring does not dilute the punch as it melts, use extra punch or other flavorful liquids instead of water for the ice ring.

How to fill the pan:

  • Place 2-3 cups sliced fruit, fresh berries, citrus peel curls, edible flowers, and/or fresh herbs in your pan.
  • Pour water, club soda, lemon-lime carbonated beverage, or desired punch recipe around fruits. (Leave some fruit sticking out.)

How to freeze and unmold:

  • Freeze several hours or until firm.
  • To unmold, dip bottom of pan in warm water for a few seconds. Invert over a large plate, tapping on bottom of pan to release the ring (if using a metal pan) or gently peeling off the mold (if using a silicone mold).
  • Place in punch bowl.

How to Make Ice Cups

Smaller ice cups can make it easier to ladle punch out of the bowl. To create the ice cups:

  • Place silicone cupcake cups on a large rimmed baking sheet. Place whole or sliced fruit, fresh herbs, and/or edible flowers in cups.
  • Pour water, club soda, lemon-lime carbonated beverage, or additional punch around fruit to fill cups. (Leave some fruit sticking out.)
  • Freeze several hours or until firm.
  • To unmold, peel molds off of ice cups. Transfer desired number of ice cups to the punch bowl.
  • Place any remaining ice cups in a large resealable bag; seal. Store in the freezer until ready to use.

How to Make Ice Shards

Ice shards work great in individual glasses if you're forgoing the punch bowl in favor of a pitcher, or if you just want to add a pretty garnish to individual party drinks. To make ice shards:

  • In a 15x10-inch baking pan, place 2-3 cups whole or sliced fruit, citrus peel curls, edible flowers, and/or fresh herbs.
  • Add enough water, club soda, or other beverage to surround fruit, but not cover it.
  • Freeze several hours or until firm.
  • To unmold, dip pan bottom in warm water to loosen ice.
  • Invert over a cutting board.
  • Using a mallet, break ice into small shards. Place in glasses with punch.

Don't let summer heat beat your refreshing drink! Freeze part of the drink and other flavor boosters so you never have to worry about diluted drinks again.

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