Pour Coffee Over Ice Cream for the Sweet Latte Hack You Must Try

If you love ordering an affogato coffee dessert at your local gelato shop or café, this is the recipe for you.

As coffee lovers continue making mornings at home exciting by whipping instant coffee and recreating their favorite Starbucks drinks, a new hack is here for anyone without an espresso machine craving a latte. In a post to the Leaf Rakers Society (a Starbucks- and autumn-loving Facebook group with more than 38,000 members), a user showed brewing coffee from her Keurig into a mug with ice cream. That's right, ice cream!

If you've been to an Italian gelateria (aka gelato shop), this hack probably reminds you of an affogato. An affogato is a coffee-based dessert that starts with a scoop of gelato that is "drowned" by adding a shot of hot espresso on top. But with this easier version, you can just pop a pod into your single-serve coffee maker and brew a fresh cup with whatever flavor of ice cream you desire.

ice cream in cup of brewed coffee
Katlyn Moncada

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If you don't have a single-serve coffee maker, you can pour your fresh-brewed coffee from your regular machine on top of your ice cream. Try pouring French press coffee onto a scoop of French vanilla ice cream. Even if you usually drink your coffee black, this is a fun way to enjoy the occasional affogato for dessert.

This is one cost-efficient way to enjoy a latte-like beverage without leaving the comfort of your own home. For a fancier treat, try going the Italian way and make this quick affogato trifle recipe for dessert tonight.

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