Iced Coffee Drinks You Can Make at Home

Skip the line for coffee this morning, and be your own barista instead. We've got recipes for cold brew, iced espresso, DIY creamers, plus a few iced coffee flavored treats. (Coffee cocktail? Yes, please.) Choose whichever flavor you're in the mood for—these iced coffee drinks will rival any of your coffee shop favorites.

Iced Espresso Cocktail

Espresso, coffee-flavored liqueur, and hazelnut liqueur combine with milk and sugar in this iced espresso cocktail. We don't know anyone who'd pass up this drink.

Coffee Cooler

Chilled coffee, root beer, Jagermeister liqueur, vodka, and half-and-half blend for a caffeinated drink like you've never had before. Trust us, you'll want to try this one.

Cold Brew Coffee

Tomorrow at this time, you're totally going to want a glass of cold brew coffee. Make it now, and you'll thank yourself later.

Coffee Shake Shots

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Craving ice cream? Mix coffee ice cream with coffee liqueur and chocolate syrup to make these tiny treats.

Coffee Smoothie

This tastes like your favorite sugary treat you get at your favorite coffee shop, except less sugary and you make it yourself.

Orange-Spiced Coffee

Another orange-flavor coffee drink, but cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves make it spicy. Brown sugar keeps it sweet.

Vanilla Coffee Creamer

Upgrade your every day cup o' joe. This classic vanilla creamer only calls for three ingredients and can be transformed into seven other flavors. (Or get creative and invent a new kind!)

Spiced Pumpkin Coffee Creamer

This make-it-yourself creamer is perfect for fall, but will satisfy any pumpkin-lover all year long.

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