7 Next Level Ways to Put a Twist on Your Morning Coffee

A better reason to pass the sugar.

Back-to-school and back-to-work season are upon us! Adjusting to the alarm clock and daily morning grind can be trying at times. So, why not make your morning a lot more pleasant by ramping up your caffeine routine?! Start your day with a cup of luxury with these seven coffee recipes to help you supercharge your java and your day. Make every morning a holiday when you indulge in these transformative cup o' joes. We're sure they'll help you get out of bed AND prepare you for the day ahead!

Sweet n' Creamy: Homemade Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee Creamer

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This homemade creamer will quickly turn your basic black morning coffee into smooth sweet indulgence with hints of cinnamon and vanilla. This super-fast recipe results in a ton of fresh homemade creamer that you can keep in the fridge for up to two weeks. Another option is to freeze the creamer in ice cube trays to extend it even longer. Plus, you'll have yummy creamy ice cubes melting in your java all day long. With this homemade creamer, we're sure you'll transform your average cup o' joe into a delicious cup of luxury any time of the day!

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Get Charged: Triple-Powered Iced Coffee

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Calling all caffeine fiends! This iced coffee recipe will keep you going, quite literally, all day long! This recipe consists of coffee, sweetened condensed milk, and homemade coffee ice cubes. The three come together to form a bold creamy beverage perfect for these lingering summer days. First, freeze today's leftover black coffee into ice trays. Tomorrow, pop a few coffee cubes into a glass, pour room temperature coffee over the top, add condensed milk, and give it a stir. Now, relax and enjoy your delicious handiwork.

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Behold the Nutella Iced Coffee (Yes, It's Real)

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Wait, did we just say... NUTELLA ICED COFFEE! Yeah, you heard us right: Blend some Nutella into your next iced coffee and we guarantee you'll be happy you did. If you want to get real fancy, another recipe recommends making a Nutella-coffee-frappe in the blender. Simply pop coffee ice cubes, milk, and some Nutella in the mix. 

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Spice Up Your Fall with this Pumpkin Pie Spiced Coffee Creamer

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The days are getting shorter: Soon we'll be curling up in cozy sweaters and craving our favorite fall flavors. This pumpkin pie spice creamer recipe is the perfect way to convert your boring cup of joe into a rich, luscious cup of fall flavor. The creamer keeps in the fridge for up to 5 days, so you'll have flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and spicy clove ready for you all week long. TIP: Warm up with this aromatic coffee on chillier mornings when it's hard to get out of bed!

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Luxuriate in a Cup of Cardamom Coffee

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Introduce the exotic flavor of cardamom to your morning coffee for a transporting taste! Frequently used in teas and coffees throughout the Middle East and Asia (think chai latte), this velvety, aromatic spice adds a depth to the traditional black coffee. Simply add a few cardamom pods to your whole bean coffee and grind as usual. If desired, add a bit of cream to your cup for a bit of richness, and you're good to go!

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Get in a Hearty Breakfast In With This Coffee and Oat Smoothie

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While many of us count coffee as breakfast, we'd probably all do better starting the day with some actual food. Enter the coffee and oat smoothie! Packed with fruit and whole grains, plus some much-needed caffeine, this recipe has everything you need for a fantastic start to your day. Blend frozen banana, rolled oats, milk, and chilled coffee, and you are out the door with a hearty, on-the-go breakfast. YUM.

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Everyone Loves this Coconut Oil Superfood Coffee

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Coconut oil is the go-to fix for just about everything these days. From paleo-friendly baked goods, to natural moisturizer, to teeth whitener, coconut oil has endless uses and benefits! Adding it to your morning coffee delivers a velvety, indulgent-rich texture. Plus, it's a great way to get a creamy coffee while keeping it dairy-free and full of superfood power. The secret to the perfect consistency is a blender. Toss in a few ingredients, give it a quick blend and this hot, silky java is ready to enjoy.

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